Which is best for you?


There are different ways you can join us. After looking over each one you get
to choose what you feel is best for you. Young Living is all about having a
better and healthier lifestyle. We offer the very best products that can help
you in each and every area of your life. Young Living is your one stop, better
than organic, place to shop. You get to choose what you want delivered right
to your door. It doesn't get any easier or more rewarding. So here are your
options in getting started with us.

Good - You can simply fill in your information and become a retail customer.
There is no cost for this option. You order whatever products you want
whenever you want. With this option there is no way for you to make an
income. As you use our products you will want to share the great results
with others and others are going to notice the positive results you are
achieving because of these fantastic products. However, as a retail
customer you are not part of the compensation plan. However, you get to
order and use the products of your choice.

Better - You get started with one of our Basic or Premium Starter Kits.
This is just a one time cost and will give you some great information and
products for you to get started using. You get a couple of products with
the Basic Kit and many products with the Premium Kit. The Premium Kit
is the best value. With any order for the rest of your life you will be saving
24% off the retail cost of the products which is a huge savings. You will
also receive other exclusives that are only for members.

Best - You get started with a Basic or Premium Starter Kit and then get
started on our Essential Rewards program. Simply by ordering a minimum
of 50 PV worth of products a month you will also be accessing the ability
to get products for free. With every order you will get points that you can
use in the future for free products. You can even get shipping for free with
our YL Go program which can add up to big savings. No matter how large
your order is each month your shipping can be free! The Essential Rewards
Program not only allows you to get products for free but depending on the
size of your monthly order Young Living also gives you even more products
for free. With this option I receive thousands of dollars worth of products
for free every year and you can too!

Awesome - With one of our starter kits and then getting on our Essential
Rewards program you then will want to share this with others and that is
where awesome comes in. Simply by sharing the very best with others
you can develop an unlimited and unstoppable monthly income. We have
a simple three step system that anyone can do and achieve success with.
It all comes down to getting started, getting on Essential Rewards, and
then simply sharing.

So choose which you feel is right for you and get started today. It is one
of the very best decisions you will ever make. It all starts right here:

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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