Two must haves for wellness.


You get better results when you focus on wellness rather
than sickness. Focus on what your body needs to stay
well and you will see much better results. You don't have
to get sick. Here are two of my must haves.

Sulfurzyme is one of the  most important products in
helping the body to detoxify. Sulfur is a mineral. It is in
every cell of our body. It is about the eighth most 
prevalent component of our cells. It is important in
aiding the liver in bile secretion, for insulin production,
cleanses the blood, normalizes heart function, makes
allergic reactions more tolerable, is a key component
in sulfur-bearing amino acids which are considered
building blocks of protein and muscle tissue, supports
a proper pH balance, supports regeneration of cells,
and is especially supportive for healthy skin, hair, and
nails. The two main ingredients in Sulfurzyme are
MSM and Ningxia wolfberries which are a goldmine in
nutrients including many vitamins, beta carotene,
18 amino acids, and 21 trace minerals.

Some feel that a lack of minerals is a cause of many
physical problems. Mineral Essence has over 60
organic, ionic minerals blended with royal jelly,
honey, and essential oils to enhance its ability to be
better utilized by the body and to improve
oxygenation of the cells. The minerals in Mineral
Essence are different than most other products
because it is an ionic, electrolyte solution of
minerals and trace minerals. The fluids of the body
are mainly ionic and every process is dependent on
ions. The minerals in Mineral Essence support the
proper conduction of electrical energy in the body.
Mineral Essence is one of the most bio-available
mineral products available.

Many who have committed to using these two
products have been pleasantly surprised at
the results. These are two products that I use
on a regular basis and never want to be
without. Get started today on a better path for

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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