Take your power back.


Much of western civilization often takes the body's innate healing
ability for granted, however, the body is the true healer. If we look
at the cells of our body, we see that we have hundreds of billions
of cells that are constantly feeding on oxygen and the food we eat,
and releasing carbon dioxide and other waste materials. Each cell
is also busy reproducing and self-healing. Thousands of changes
take place every minute of every day. Nothing the drug companies
produce promotes healing. Focus on healing and helping your
body do what it was created to do. Unconventional ideas in science
are seldom positively greeted by those benefiting from conformity.

The scientific evidence for alternative treatments can be compared
to a ship the size of the Queen Mary II. The scientific evidence for
mainstream medicine treatments, by comparison, would be a ship
that could fit in a bathtub. - Webster Kehr

Inspiration for success.
You were chosen by the creator of the universe. God has such a
love for you. People may try to reject you and make you feel like
you are less than. That doesn't change what is on the inside of you.
People don't determine your destiny. God determines your
destiny. You may feel left out. God knows how to bring you in.
God has a calling on your life. God sees everything that is on the
inside of you and He has placed greatness within you. Never
devalue yourself. Keep going on with God and develop
everything that God has put within you. He will use everything
that you have gone through for your good. You belong to Him.
Hold onto that nugget of truth and that God will get you to
where you need to be.

Choose a better path for wellness and wealth from home.
 Choose to thrive and succeed with us and to be part of the
solution. Break out, you were made for more.

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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