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The Raindrop Technique helps to support the wellness of all the
systems of the body. It involves the layering of certain oils on the
feet and the spine. Frances says: The basic oils are quite
supportive of healthy bones and joints. I personally consider that
merely layering the oils on my fractured spine multiple times
daily was extremely important in my rapid recovery. Although I
was 68 years old at the time and was told I would likely never
walk again, I walked and moved without pain in a matter of

You may have heard that telomeres and the protection of them
influence aging. Certain essential oils can be beneficial in
supporting the wellness of telomeres including the oils of basil,
clove, rosemary, and pine. Frances shared: I took a known brand
of MSM for over a year before I was introduced to Young Living.
When I switched to Young Living's Sulfurzyme within three weeks
my symptoms were gone which had persisted for almost 10 years!
Young Living supplements have definitely been far more effective
than any other brand, not only for me, but for thousands of
people that I have worked with.

Muggsy Bogues didn't let the excuse of his height hold him back
from making his dreams come true. Muggsy was 5'3" tall and
loved to play basketball. Years of hard work and desire took him
from the Baltimore housing projects to the NBA and kept him
there for 15 seasons. The average NBA career is less than 3 years.
As a pro Muggsy scored more than six thousand points and was
in sixteen play-off games. He set records with the Hornets in
assists, steals, and ranked third in points. Don't let anything hold
you back.

To resolve all kinds of issues, for many it has been essential oils.
Stress is the cause of many health challenges. 76% of workers
cited that their job was the leading cause of stress. $300 billion a
year is the cost to employers in stress related health care and
missed work. 60% of workers say that they are so unhappy with
their job that they want to quit. Many have been able to
resolve stress by inhaling and diffusing essential oils.

For better wellness, for a better quality of life, to empower you
to make your dreams come true, and for more freedom
we offer you a better path, http://www.thisworks.biz

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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