Don't give up.


When it comes to wellness it is as much what you do as what you don't
do. For good health avoid GMO's. Since GMO's were introduced into
food there have been a sharp rise in certain diseases. There is a
significant link between at least 22 diseases and the consumption of
GMO crops. GMO's confuse the immune system and can cause the
body to defend itself with inflammation. Ongoing inflammation is
linked to most health problems. For wellness go organic. Your body
does not recognize and cannot use GMO's for good.

Antibiotics are used extensively in factory farming and have been
used way too much in the medical system. Antibiotics are so
powerful that one single dose can cause intestinal dysfunction up
to eighteen months after using that antibiotic. Antibiotics go after
everything, not just the bad. Just like every other drug and vaccine
they are not intelligent. They destroy the good bacteria in your
intestinal tract which is critical to good health. About 80 percent
of your immune system is in your intestinal tract so antibiotics
can weaken or even suppress the immune system. Due to this
antibiotics put you at risk for a secondary infection. Anyone
undergoing surgery is at risk for a secondary infection. That is
why you see so many go into hospitals for a procedure and while
they are there they develop something else like pneumonia or

Most people have heard of Thomas Edison the inventor. Even
the successful have to overcome obstacles and setbacks. The
successful don't quit. Thomas Edison learned to read despite
only having three month's of formal education. His mother
pulled him out of public school after his teacher called him
difficult and not very bright. He loved reading. He had said
that he didn't read a few books, he read the library. He lost
all of his money more than a dozen times by risking his
profits on the next invention. Eventually he became one of the
wealthiest millionaires in America. He also watched his whole
fortune go up in flames when his largest factory and research
lab burned to the ground. He did not give up, he kept going.
Do all you can every day and never give up on your dreams.

If you are looking for a better path I encourage you to join
us for wellness and wealth from home.

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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