You get to choose which path.


We are messengers of hope for both physical and
financial wellness. We celebrate daily victories of
wellness in all areas, finances increasing, true freedom,
and lives being infused with passion because of these
products and this opportunity. You have the chance to be
a part of this!

There are two paths that you can choose from on any
given day. One will lead to problems the other will lead
to wellness. It is your life, your choice, as to which one
you will be on on any given day. 

What are some of the choices that can lead to problems?
* Toxins which are in the air, water, and food. Due to
additives and how normal food is produced most food
has toxins in it.
* Negative thinking. Many people are not aware how
important it is to control your thoughts and to be
careful what they put into their mind. It has been
found that negative emotions are where many
physical problems start.
* Lack of proper nutrition. Over time lack of proper
nutrition is a main cause of why the body breaks
down. Your cells want to function properly and
need to do so every second of the day and night
but can't do their job without the right fuel.
* Fast food
* Cell phones and wireless technology
* Microwave ovens
* Smoking
* Drugs both legal and illegal
* Alcohol
* Stress
* Coffee
* X-rays - there is no safe level of radiation
* Vaccines - lots of ingredients which negatively
impact health and the immune system. Many
vaccines have numerous side effects including
* Sedentary lifestyle
* Being overweight

So what does the wellness path look like?
* Avoiding GMO's
* Eating organic and mainly a plant based diet
* Proper nutrition
* Some sunlight on a daily basis
* Balancing hormones
* Exercise
* Far infrared sauna
* Positive and realistic outlook
* Being able to cope with the day to day challenges
that are unexpected.
* Eliminating toxins from your air, food, water, and
* Using essential oils every day and diffusing them
in your home.
* Getting enough restful sleep
* Staying away from the list of items on the path that
will lead to challenges.
* Proper detoxification
* Developing a close relationship with God as well as
daily prayer and meditation
* Staying in your proper weight range

So the choice is yours as to what path you want to be
on. I hope you join us and choose the path of wellness.
Not only is it a much more enjoyable path to be on but
also one that can end up saving you a whole lot of time
and money which you can spend on more enjoyable
things than visits to the doctor.

I would love to help you on your wellness path.

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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