Wrong thinking leads people down the wrong path.


Dr. Carter, MD states, "There is a strong inertia, a resistance to change,
in science and medicine. Corporations now control the practice of
medicine with the weight of their wallets." If a man-made chemical
compound produces plenty of money, profits will not be given up for
a natural and safer alternative.

Dr. Willix, Jr. MD had developed the only open-heart surgery program
in the state of South Dakota. He performed about 2,000 coronary
bypass operations and finally realized that he wasn't helping people.
He then stopped using a scalpel. He now says that he has saved
more patients than he did as a surgeon. He realized that he used to
look at things the way that the medical establishment does. Their
view is that the body is like a machine that you fix when it breaks
down. This viewpoint is dangerous and wrong. He learned how the
body actually works and realized that for decades now the evidence
shows that the way the body works is totally different from what
the medical profession thinks.

Over the past few decades there have been numerous studies
showing the positive benefits of a whole food plant based diet.
In 1985 one study was done with people who had advanced but
not life threatening heart disease. The severity of the coronary
artery disease was confirmed with tests. The only requirement
of these participants was that they stay on a whole food plant
based diet. In the eight years prior to these people being
involved in this study the 18 had had a total of 49 coronary
episodes things like heart attacks, angioplasty, bypass surgery.
After adopting the new diet in the following 12 years there was
only one event which involved one of the participants not
following the diet. All but five were still alive 26 years later, the
five dying of other causes. The ones still alive are cardiac
symptom free. So how powerful is a whole foods plant based
diet? The 18 subjects had 49 cardiovascular events in the 96
prior months to the study. After changing to a whole foods
plant based diet in the following 312 months there were zero
cardiovascular events.

Amazing things happen to people when they remove toxins
from their life, lead a lifestyle focused on wellness, and
supplement with premium products for nutrition. I encourage
you to get started on a better path today and see how much
better and more enjoyable life can be for you. 

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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