When it comes to wellness you get to choose the path.


For your wellness you get to choose the path you want to go
on. Choose wisely and choose the path of truth.

In the curriculum where someone was studying to be a
naturopath one of the questions was which were the only
essential oils that could be trusted for purity. The answer?
Young Living. A 15 year old girl just couldn't seem to get
past the fifth grade level in learning and reading. Her
family had tried everything including numerous tutors.
After applying Sacred Frankincense essential oil to her
head and having her inhale the oil for about four weeks
she was able to get to the tenth grade learning level. z

Frank and Cathy are both 43 and both are diagnosed
with plantar fasciitis. Both go to the doctor. Frank
decides to use a couple of essential oils that help
assist the body with discomfort and help the body to
heal and in a few months everything is back to
normal. Cathy follows the doctors advice and ends
up having to have three surgeries, is off her feet for
most of a year, and ends up with a staph infection
that threatens her life.

For wellness go organic. In processed foods there are
many toxic chemicals. At least 65% are recognized as
health hazards, 35% are suspected of causing cancer,
12% are hormone disruptors, and 41% are acutely
toxic. Another threat to your health is medicine.
Modern medicine knows less than 10% of what your
body instinctively knows. 98.5% of medical errors
are not reported. Researchers in Russia gave
gunshot-wounded animals either antibiotics or
probiotics and found the probiotics were more
effective at preventing infection.

A study by Dr. Hirsch found that when a mixed
floral aroma was diffused throughout a room of
calculus students they increased their speed of
learning by 230%! Our essential oil blend Clarity
was used in a study with college students. It showed
that when they used Clarity they had a 28% increase
in test scores. There are many chemicals in perfume
and cologne that are linked to asthma attacks,
headaches, infertility, thyroid problems, and even
cancer. Just some more good reasons to ditch the
perfume and cologne and switch to essential oils.
Master Sergeant Jess Johnson suffered for 45 years
of trauma that started during the Vietnam war.
What was finally able to help him was essential

Dr. Hamer has done research since 1979 that has
proven that many diseases originate from an
unexpected shock or trauma. Prior to developing
cancer every one of his patients had gone through
a very stressful episode. He has confirmed this in
over 40,000 case studies. Many feel that most
physical problems have a connection to stored
negative emotions. Dr. Sharma, MD of Canada
admits that the most common "mental disorders"
for which drugs and therapy are prescribed
have absolutely no scientific validity. There is
not a single tangible piece of evidence to show
that any of the more than 300 official mental
disorders even exist.

Get started today on a better path. It is one of
the wisest choices you will ever make. Choose
to succeed with us! http://www.thisworks.biz

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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