What you believe to be true, is it really true?


So much of what people think is true simply isn't. Mr. Thomas
when he was going through Harvard Medical School said,
"During the third and fourth years of school we began to
learn something that worried us all. It gradually dawned on
us that we didn't know much that was really useful, that we
could do nothing to change the course of the great majority
of the diseases which we were so busy analyzing, that
medicine, for all its facade as a learned profession was in
real life a profoundly ignorant occupation." A doctor can
not give you good health. Good health is based on what
you do each and every day.

Technology has advanced at a very fast pace, but technologies
that actually improve health outcomes are hard to find. None
of the ultra-expensive high-tech advances of the past fifty years
have made a dent in overall rates of death and disease in
first-world countries. We are no better at preventing chronic
degenerative diseases like heart disease and cancer, often
called "diseases of affluence," than we were in the 1950's.
Genes, in the genetic crusaders view, are simply human
software. A programmer can read code and predict exactly
what the program will do, eventually we will be able to look
at genes and predict exactly what diseases will develop is
their way of thinking. Genes tell us what may happen, but
not if or how. The increasing fascination with and funding of
genetic technology is simply another medical dead end,
another rabbit hole that will lead us no further toward
preventing and reversing chronic illness. Lifestyle and
nutrition can turn genes on or off.

Which do you think is better? Someone you care about tells
you they have a chronic disease and their doctor gave them
a choice of two treatments. The first treatment would
slightly reduce the severity of one of the symptoms but
would not improve their chances of being cured of it or
even living longer and they would have a wide array of
nasty side effects which the doctor would then prescribe
more drugs to deal with the side effects and then even
more drugs as side effects would increase. The first
treatment is how mainstream medicine works. The second
treatment would resolve the root cause of the disease
fairly quickly, thus ending all symptoms and increasing
their life expectancy and the quality of their life. Side
effects would include achieving their ideal weight, having
more energy, looking and feeling better, and even
helping them to preserve the environment. Treatment
two is a healthy diet, healthy lifestyle, and good

Good health is based on how you think and what you
do each and every day. You have the power if you
will use it. Get started on a better path today!

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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