What the heck is in it?


When you do much research into products that people
purchase you realize that most companies you simply
can't trust. Their whole focus is simply on how much
money they can make. They don't care about people.

A man saw that there were some herbal products
that were composed of brick dust. He witnessed the
workers breaking down used bricks with hammers
into dust and then putting the dust into capsules to
be labeled and sold as supplements. They then bury
these under the real samples on top which are the
only ones tested for quality. Many supplements have
also tested positive for traces of all sorts of drugs.

Over 90% of all liquid natural flavors added to juices
and other drinks (and even frozen treats) have a base
of pure Propylene Glycol which is also known as

Take a look at Sunny D. It is a combination of sugar water,
yellow dye, preservatives, and propylene glycol which as
was stated above is antifreeze. There is only 5% juice.
Corn syrup is the number two ingredient and there are
also three different artificial sweeteners - neotame,
acesulfame K, and sucralose. Artificial sweeeteners are
something you definitely want to avoid. You can do the
research and find out why as I have.

Some companies will hide the propylene glycol in the
term “natural flavors.” Not very natural is it. When it
comes to the labels on most products so much is missing
from most labels and not everything on the label in
regards to what would be good for you most likely is
not in that product. Companies don't have to put
something on the label if they say it is a "trade secret".

Because of all the research I have done there are very
few companies I trust. One that I feel is the very best is
Young Living. It is the only company with the seed to
seal guaranty. They are a rare company in that they put
the best interests of people ahead of money.

I never have to wonder about toxic ingredients with any
of Young Living's products. Using these products is a
great way to eliminate so many of the worries that
people have when wondering what the heck to use so
that they and their loved ones are safe.

I encourage you to get started on the very best products
in wellness. Hundreds of products that can have very
positive benefits for you in every area of your life. They
can make a world of difference for you. No other product
line comes close. http://www.thisworks.biz

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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