We care about everyone.


What's going on in the world doesn't really matter to you.
The only thing that matters to you and your family is your
personal economic situation.
* What if you lose your job?
* Will you have enough to retire?
* What if something unexpected comes up?
* Are you prepared for the new economy?
You owe it to yourself and your family to take a look at this.

We care about everyone.
We have products that are good for you, your kids, and
your pets. We've got everyone covered.

Personal Care
We have great products that take care of you from head
to toe. This includes a great line of soap, shampoo,
conditioner, massage oils, shaving cream, and body lotion.
For both men and women we have products that can be
applied that help to balance hormones to proper levels.

Kid Scents
For the young ones we have products especially made for
their growing needs. We have oils that are diluted that
work well for them as well as nutritional products, and
personal care products formulated for their sensitive skin.

Animal Scents
Young Living loves animals. In fact if you ever get out to
visiting the farm in Utah you will see all the animals. There
is a wide range but Gary Young the founder of Young Living
has a special love for horses. Young Living has some really
beautiful horses that have been entered in shows and have
won numerous awards and with the harvest of the trees that
take place every winter, Young Living uses horses to remove
the trees in keeping with what is best for sustainable
harvesting and for taking care of the planet and not using
anything that can add harmful ingredients to our products.
Our Animal Scents products are specially formulated to work
really well at helping animals, big or small, have the very
best of health and protection naturally.

With all of the harmful ingredients in so much of the food that
is sold Young Living has an ever growing list of food items that
you will love the taste of and will love how well you feel when
you add them into your diet. The wheat today is not what God
created and along with all the chemicals used in producing it,
it is contributing to a lot of health problems. Due to this
Gary Young traveled the world to find Einkorn, wheat as God
intended it to be. Many who typically have a problem with
wheat don't have problems with Einkorn. We have flour,
pancake mix, and spaghetti made with our Einkorn. They
are delicious! We have granola cereal which is a yummy
way to start your day or to use as a great snack. We have
our wolfberry and Slique bars that make great tasting snacks.

For all your needs for every member of your family we've got
you covered. You can find out more and get started at:

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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