The very best protection.


With God ALL things are possible and that promise is not just
for others, it's for you too!

The very best protection.
God has given us what we need for protection. When it comes
to dealing with any of the nasties that we may encounter nature
is always best at dealing with nature. Lots of people have
wasted lots of time and money on trying to come up with things
in laboratories but they simply don't compare to what we have
had since the third day of creation, essential oils.

There is a story that says that during the Bubonic Plague in Europe,
that took place many years ago, there were a band of thieves that
had rubbed different oils and herbs on their skin. Because of this
they were not affected by the plague and they were able to rob the
people who had died from the plague. The king said that he would
pardon them if they gave him the recipe. That is where the name
Thieves comes from with our line of Thieves products. Young Living
has an essential oil blend called Thieves and it is based on the tale
of the thieves who survived the plague. It is a very powerful blend
for cleaning and for protection.

We have a whole line of products that work better than others on the
market. So many cleaning products have toxic chemicals in them that
can cause you harm. It isn't safe to inhale the fumes from these
products and many become sick from inhaling the fumes. With our
products they are totally safe and you can even have a therapeutic
experience using them. Cleaning things up becomes much easier
and a much more pleasant experience using our Thieves products.
Here is a list of our Thieves line. See how many products that are in
your home that you can replace with better options with our Thieves
* Thieves automatic dishwasher powder
* Thieves household cleaner
* Thieves cough drops
* Thieves mouthwash
* Thieves AromaBright toothpaste
* Thieves essential oil
* Thieves dish soap
* Thieves fruit and veggie soak
* Thieves fruit and veggie spray
* Thieves laundry soap
* Thieves spray
* Thieves waterless hand purifier
* Thieves wipes
* Thieves foaming hand soap

For any area of protection for yourself, your family, your pets, your
home, we've got you covered. Experience the difference that safe
and more effective products can do for you. You can find out more

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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