Toxins won't improve your health.


For all of those looking for a hand up rather than a hand out,
this ones for you. This is your ticket to where you want to go.
You may have passed this by before. Don't make the same
mistake twice.

Most people logically know that they want to stay away from
things that are toxic to them so that they can have good
health. It is common sense. The more toxins that you put on
and in your body the more problems you can have.

When it comes to our body it has a large percentage of
water. That is why getting enough pure water every day is
critical to good health. However, if you think you can get
pure water from the tap you need to think again.

For a long time the tap water has been poisoned on
purpose. One of these poisons is fluoride. Anyone who
does even a little bit of research can see why this is
something that you want to avoid.

Sodium fluoride is in water and in toothpaste. It is also
in some drugs as well as in the nerve gas that the
military uses. It is a poisonous byproduct of
aluminum manufacturing. It might surprise you to know
that sodium fluoride is one of the very best rat and
cockroach poisons.

The public has been misinformed in that fluoride
prevents cavities. It does not. Lots of research over the
past 50 years has shown that sodium fluoride shortens
our life span, promotes various cancers and mental
disturbances, and most importantly makes humans
stupid and subservient. 

The first time that sodium fluoride was put into drinking
water was in the German ghettos and in Nazi Germany's
prison camps. They did this so that they could more
easily control people.

Back in 1954 a chemist by the name of Charles Perkins
who had spent nearly 20 years researching fluoride
said that any person who drinks artificially fluoridated
water for a period of one year or more will never be
the same person again either mentally or physically.
How many people, including children, have attention
and learning problems simply due to fluoride?

Rather than promoting dental health fluoridated
water actually destroys teeth. Sodium fluoride is
not a natural substance and therefore the body
cannot use it. This includes the teeth. It is a poison
to the body. 

Sodium fluoride inhibits over 100 critically important
enzyme functions in the body. That is why it is used
in rat poison, to destroy enzyme production. This
causes the rat to starve to death while it eats all
the food it desires. It is death by malnutrition. As
fluoride levels increase in the body the ability for
the body to get adequate nutrition decreases due
to lack of enzyme functions. Sodium fluoride also
disrupts DNA repair which then causes genetic
damage and increases the risk of cancers and
accelerates the aging process.

Studies have been done on rats and when
sodium fluoride was added to the water of female
rats there were birth defects in the offspring. It
has also been shown that mothers who have
higher levels of sodium fluoride in their body
during pregnancy have an increase in birth

Sodium fluoride is more poisonous than lead and
only slightly less poisonous than arsenic. There
is a reason why on toothpaste that has fluoride in
it you see a warning to call the poison control center
if you swallow it. However, anything in the mouth
can be easily absorbed by the lining in the mouth
and under the tongue. Our mouth is the fastest
absorbing area of the body. About 79% of the
sodium fluoride on your toothbrush through your
toothpaste is absorbed into the blood stream
within one minute of putting it in your mouth.

Sodium fluoride is found in virtually all soft drinks
and drinks made from concentrate such as fruit
and vegetable juices because most every major
bottling plant in the US is in a city that has added
sodium fluoride to its local drinking water.

So for good health you want to avoid fluoride as
much as possible. Get a good filter that filters out
fluoride for your drinking water. Good choices for
drinks are our Ningxia Red, Slique Tea, and
Ningxia Zyng. Start using the very best toothpaste
that has no toxic ingredients, including fluoride,
which are our Thieves toothpastes. My favorite is

You need to take action immediately for the good
health of yourself and your family to avoid fluoride
as much as possible and to contact your
representatives to get this removed from the water.
It should never have been added in the first place.

For your wellness you will find lots of great
information here as well as how to get started with

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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