Time to dream again.


Have you found the opportunity that will take care of you
and your family for the rest of your life? I have. This just might
be what you've been searching for. 

Do you remember your dreams? To have good and pleasant
dreams at night it helps to think positive thoughts before
going to bed, to focus on what you want rather than worrying
about what you don't want. Taking time during the day to
daydream can also be beneficial to helping you to achieve
what you want in life.

We have a wonderful blend of essential oils called
Dream Catcher. It has a wonderful fragrance and many
women even use it as perfume. This is a great blend to
apply before bed if you want to have an easier time at
remembering your dreams. Who doesn't want to catch
those good dreams and make them happen, right?

What the oils in Dream Catcher help to do is to open the
brain, help the body to balance hormones, and make it
easier to dream. It also can help to expand your level of
intuitiveness, that level of inner knowing as to what is
right for you. Dream Catcher along with another of our
blends  Inspiration, work really well together in helping
to filter out negative thoughts.

When we experience a negative event in life it creates
a more acidic environment in the body. It is important for
wellness to help to bring that acid back down to a more
alkaline environment. One of the causes of nightmares
is that we are too acidic. The more acidic you are, the
more scary and angry nightmares you might have. 

We have a great product called Alkalime which helps the
body to reestablish a more alkaline environment. This is
great to drink before you go to sleep. The more alkaline
you are the more peaceful your dreams will be..

So for a better nights sleep with peaceful dreams why
not give Dream Catcher a try. You can find out more at:

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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