Three things to avoid for wellness.


When it comes to wellness there are a few things that you
will want to avoid. One of the main causes of problems
has to do with too much acid in the body. A more neutral
pH level is what is needed for wellness. When acid levels
get too high problems can arise. A simple saying to
remember is that disease loves acid.

When the body is too acidic the bad bacteria, viruses,
and fungus have a better chance of being able to
rapidly multiply. The immune system can get
overwhelmed because these bad bacteria, viruses,
and fungus create their own toxins. So it is like
poisons creating even more poisons.

There are many things that can increase acid in the
body. Here are three of the main ones that you will
want to control.

Sugar is a big cause of acid in the body and it is
actually an anti-nutrient. Sugar is very addictive.
Scientists have said for years that cancer cells
thrive on sugar. Unfortunately, all processed food
contains processed sugar in some form. That is
why it is important to eat more real, live food,
food that is in a more natural state rather than
simply a combination of a lot of man-made

Animal products cause an increase in acid in
the body. The human body lacks the enzymes
necessary to digest cow’s milk whether it is
“organic” or not. If the milk is raw, there are some
enzymes that can assist. However, when the
dairy product is pasteurized, then all of the
enzymes are killed.

 Another big problem with dairy is that it creates
mucous in the body. The mucous collects in the
stomach, intestines, joints, respiratory tract, in
fact everywhere in the body. Mucous weakens
our immune function which in turn can cause
inflammation which creates an environment for
bacteria, virus, and candida. Mucous coats
every cell in the body so that the receptor sites
on the cells are clogged. When the receptor
sites are coated with mucous then they cannot
take in nutrients and are not able to eliminate
toxins so the cells become less healthy. 

The third thing that can cause excess acid in
the body is stress. With the hectic lifestyles that
people lead it is like excess stress is constantly
being released in the body so that our cells are
in overdrive and are never able to relax. It is
important to learn ways to cope so that you
can relax more throughout the day. Deep
breathing is a simple way to help the body to
release excess stress. Another good way is
by inhaling essential oils. Essential oils go
right to the area of the brain that deals with

Essential oils and supplements infused with
essential oils can help bring the body back
to balance as well as help to clean off
receptor sites on the cells so that they can
function properly. As you learn more and
more about pure essential oils they will
become your very best friend and you will
never want to be without them.

This is a great quote by Dr. David Stewart.
“A substance synthesized in a laboratory by
scientists is not the same as one synthesized
in a plant by nature even though they may
have identical chemical formulas.”

I encourage you to embrace the very best
that nature has to offer by getting started
with our products. Lots of benefits await

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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