Thinking for yourself.


With costs going up and up and up in the medical
system it can save you a ton of money when you simply
take care of your health. Eventually taking care of your
health may become your only option because the medical
system will be out of reach for the average person. Find
out about what so many people are turning to. Step up to
better. A new and better normal. Life is too short for
anything less than the very best. Join us today!

Do you ever look into what you believe, how you think?
Most people go through life believing whatever whom
they come in contact with tells them to believe. Very few
will question what they are taught. They believe that
others know the truth, are telling them the truth, so
they believe what family members, friends, their
religious authority, the government, and the media
tell them. However, if you are brave enough to really
look into what you believe and what others want you
to believe you will realize that much of it is not true.
When your life is guided by lies you can end up in
really bad places.

For many years now I have searched for the truth in
many different areas and it has helped me immensely.
I think and act differently than most people. I have
found that most people are not really interested in the
truth. They simply want to continue thinking and
believing how they have always thought and believed.
Maybe it's too scary for them to think that they have
been living so many lies all their life, it is simply too
scary to give up the lies. They have gotten comfortable
in the rut that they live in and don't want to give up
the dysfunctional comfort for something that could be
better, could actually be what they have been looking
for, could be the answer to making their dreams come

I read about a man who had studied and gone to 
college to be an expert on birds. He became enlightened
when he went to New Guinea and found that illiterate
tribesmen were far better at distinguishing bird species
than he was. He had not really been taught complete truth
and practical truth.

The people around you can have a powerful influence
on your thinking and actions. It is rare that you find
people who are brave enough to go against the norm.
In Tasmania each time famine struck many would starve
to death despite the fact that their island home was
surrounded by fish-rich seas. Their tribal culture did not
define fish as food.

If you have been through very many years of formal
education, especially college, you know that the education
system is really about indoctrination. You are rewarded
for conformity and obedience. You are taught how to
behave and how to think. However, we were not created to
fit in. We are each uniquely awesome and we were
created to use our unique talents to stand out like a
bright and shining star.

When it comes to two areas, wellness, and wealth, there
are many that will lead you down wrong paths filled with
lies so that they can benefit and manipulate. My goal is
to help all that are willing to follow the path less traveled,
a path of truth, to a better and more fulfilling destination.
A destination that can transform your life on all levels in
so many ways. For those that go through the information
and understand it, they join us. I hope that you have an
open mind, are open to the truth, and are ready to step
out on your own unique path and be all that you were
created to be, to break through the walls of your box
and the barriers that others have placed around you.
Start today!

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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