The difference is commitment.


Being successful with Young Living is as simple as committing to a few simple

1. Get started with a Premium Starter Kit. NOT HARD

2. Get on Essential Rewards so you can have the very best products of your
choice delivered right to your door and get other products for free. You already
buy and use products. This is simply switching to better so you eliminate toxins
and get better results. The longer you are on Essential Rewards the more
Young Living rewards your loyalty. NOT HARD

3. Share with others so they know there are better options. Learn something
new every day so you become just a little bit better in some area. NOT HARD

4. Unlimited income follows all from the comfort of home. NOT HARD

The only difference between you and someone who is successful is that they
didn't quit and they found others who committed to the four steps. It is as
simple as that. No secrets.

For most people it is hard enough for them to take control over themselves
and do what they are supposed to do day in and day out. How much control
do you really think you have over others long term? Not much. You can offer
to help others but they will do what they want for their own reasons no
matter how much you want success for them and unfortunately most will
lead unsuccessful lives of regrets because most people are quitters. Unless
you are going to start a cult, which is not advised, and find those who will
willingly give up control of their life to you, all you can do for others is to
offer something better for them and be there to help those who choose to
commit. That removes all the pressure from you. Focus on yourself and
developing a high level of commitment and simply offer the best to others.

As the overall volume of your group grows so does your monthly check with
Young Living that is directly deposited into your checking account every
month. To get to the very top of Young Living where you can be making over
a million dollars a year you just need six personally sponsored who are
willing to commit to the four steps and then each of those having six down
five levels. That's it!

The requirements for each new rank are, OGV stands for organizational
group volume, the volume of sales in your organization:
Star - 500 OGV
Senior Star - 2000 OGV
Executive - 4000 OGV plus 2 legs at 1,000
Silver - 10,000 OGV plus 2 legs at 4,000
Gold - 35,000 OGV plus 3 legs at 6,000
Platinum - 100,000 OGV plus 4 legs at 8,000
Diamond - 250,000 OGV plus 5 legs at 15,000
Crown Diamond - 750,000 OGV plus 6 legs at 20,000
Royal Crown Diamond - 1,500,000 OGV plus 6 legs at 35,000

You are responsible for your health. Health does not reside with the
government, insurance companies, hospitals, doctors, or drug companies.
Health is when you give the body some love and help in doing what it
was created to do. You give it lots of the very best nutrition, you live a
healthy lifestyle, and you eliminate toxic products. You can do that with
Young Living. Most live a life of worrying about symptoms. You don't
have to be one of those if you are willing to take a better path.

Not many will ever have the ability to make over a million dollars a year
with what they do for a living. Most don't even enjoy what they do for
a living and they are willing to stay on this path of drudgery for decades.
Young Living offers you the ability to make over a million dollars a year
if you are willing to commit to the four steps and not quit. Anyone from
any background can succeed. You will be the only one that holds you
back. Choose to commit and never quit and you too can reach the top
and have the lifestyle of your dreams. Most worry every day about bills
and the lack of money. You don't have to be one of them if you are willing
to take a better path.

No better opportunity to set yourself free with wellness and wealth than
Young Living. Choose to commit. Get started today!

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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