Taking a look.


Most people seem to like to complain about their problems.
When you offer them something that might help, most people
I have found won't even explore the option.

That has always seemed odd to me. For many the idea
of change is more frightening than the problem that they
talk about on and on that obviously they really don't want
to get rid of. It's like they are "married" to their problem
until death do they part.

Life can be so much better than you can possibly imagine
if you want it to be. It just takes doing. What you are
doing on a regular basis is most likely a big cause of your
problems that you want to complain about on a daily
basis. Complaining won't change anything. It will simply
keep your focus on your problems which will only help
them to continue to occur.

How about changing the focus? Focus on what you
want to happen. Focus on taking small steps to making
that more enjoyable outcome a reality. Believe that
something better can happen for you and that you
don't have to continue your life with that challenge.
Just think how much better your life could be and
how much time you would have to focus on something
more rewarding than complaining.

One of my passions is helping others. However, I have
found that I only have the power to help others to be
able to help themselves. Each person has to be willing
to do what it takes and to participate in their own
"saving". That is always where the challenge is. I can
really really want someone's life to improve but I have
found that so many others don't want the improvements
for themselves as much as I want them for them.

When it comes to what I offer to others each and every
person who "takes a look" whether they are looking for
part-time income or to develop an unlimited and very large
amount of wealth, each and every person has the same
opportunity to succeed. The only person that stops that
individual is themselves. They are focused on what might
go wrong rather than what might go right.

I always encourage everyone including you who are reading
this to figure out how this will work for you rather than how it
won't work for you. Either way, each attitude is a self-fulfilling
prophecy. In the end the only person you can control is
you if you choose to. Think you have much control over
anyone else? Just look at how challenging it can be to
simply stop a two year old from having a temper tantrum.
Choose to do what it takes to have control over yourself
and to finally releasing the challenges that have been
holding you back.

I hope you choose to be brave and to have the courage to
make your dreams come true. To release the chains of
complaints that have been keeping you hostage and to do
something that can help you to step up to the very best
life you deserve to have. The one that you were created
to have. It all starts today! http://www.thisworks.biz

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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