Supporting the good health of your nervous system.


Such a wonderful way to make a living! I get to reach out
and bless other people's lives. Step up to better. A new and
better normal. Life is too short for anything less than the very
best. Join us today!

The proper functioning of your nervous system is
critical to overall good health. One of our oil blends
is called Valor and it's nickname is "Chiropractor in a
bottle" because the oils in this blend work
especially well in helping to support the proper
alignment of the body. When nerves get pinched
it interrupts the proper flow of messages and
communication that need to get to every area of
the body on a continual basis. Many Chiropractors
who use Valor have noticed that they are able to
more easily adjust people and that the adjustments
last for a longer period of time.

We have many fantastic products that can help
support the good health of your nervous system.
When we give the body what it needs it is able
to heal itself as it was created to do. Remember
that the only things that can heal are God and
the body. Pure essential oils are the very best
tools for the body to use so that it can do its
job has effectively and efficiently as possible.
Here are some really good choices to support
your nervous system.

Essential oils - Valor, Frankincense, Lavender,
Melissa, Helichrysum, Clarity, Brain Power,
Rosemary, Stress Away, Sacred Sandalwood,
Cedarwood, RutaVaLa

Supplements - Ningxia Red, Ningxia Nitro,
MindWise, OmegaGize 3, Super Cal, Mineral
Essence, Master Formula, MultiGreens,

One of the very best decisions you will ever
make for your wellness is to be using our
products on a daily basis. No other product
line comes close. Experience the difference
for yourself.

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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