The super trio.


A Buddhist monk strode into a Zen pizza parlor and
said, "Make me one with everything." The proprietor
appreciated the Zen humor and, when the monk paid with
a $20 bill, the guy pocketed it. "Hey," asked the monk,
"where's my change?" "Change," replied the owner, "must
come from within." It is never too late to be what you might
have been. Anything can happen, when you wake up and
make different choices.

The super trio.
There are a few mechanisms that seem to be the basis to most
all problems in the body and one of these is free radical damage.
To combat this you want to be giving your body plenty of
antioxidants. You have probably heard of antioxidants. It is
critical to have plenty of them in your diet to disarm free radicals.

Ningxia Red
Our first product in this super trio is Ningxia Red. It is a
foundational product that helps to support the good health of
all the systems in your body. Getting plenty of antioxidants in
your diet is as simple as drinking a couple of ounces of this
great tasting juice. Even kids love it! It is loaded with lots of
good for you ingredients including plenty of our essential oils.
You will be surprised at how good you feel and how much
more energy you have simply by adding a couple of ounces
of this to your diet each and every day.

Ningxia Nitro
So many people complain about not having enough energy to
get out of bed in the morning let alone get through the day.
Our Ningxia Nitro is a fantastic all natural way to give yourself
a sustained feeling of more energy without sacrificing your
health or having to worry about jitters, heart palpitations, or
crashing. Some of the energy products on the market are
down right scary. People have even died from using them.
With Ningxia Nitro you don't have to sacrifice your health
anymore to get more energy. Many have replaced coffee
with this product and have noticed a huge improvement.
Rather than grabbing the coffee cup simply grab a tube of
Ningxia Nitro. It is so convenient you can carry it anywhere
you go for a pick me up anytime you need one. It also
helps to support mental acuity and physical performance.

Ningxia Zyng
So many people love soda but they don't love what it does
to their health or their waistline. Well we have a healthy
alternative for anyone who loves soda and it is called
Ningxia Zyng!

Ningxia Zyng is a light, sparkling beverage that delivers a
splash of hydrating energy. It has just 35 calories per can
so you can have something that tastes great, gives you a
healthy fizz, and eliminates the guilt. Nothing artificial or
harmful in this great tasting product. So everyone needs
to put down the soda and pick up Ningxia Zyng and put a
little zing in your life!

These three products you will never want to be without
once you try them. Get your kids started right for a lifetime
of health and wellness with Young Living's products. One
great way to do this is to replace the soda in your home
with our Ningxia Zyng. You can find out more at:

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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