So many things can be prevented.


With costs going up and up and up in the medical system it
can save you a ton of money when you simply take care of
your health. Eventually taking care of your health may
become your only option because the medical system will
be out of reach for the average person. Find out about
what so many people are turning to.

I have studied wellness for over 22 years. I have learned
much. One of the most interesting things is that how little
genetics has to do with physical problems and how much
our thinking and emotions have to do with them. When it
comes to wellness we have the control if we are willing to
take it.

Every day I passionately share with others the very best
products in wellness because most problems that occur
with health are due to lifestyle. So many things can be
prevented or can be improved by giving the body what it
needs so that it can heal itself. God wants us to have
good health but we have to take the responsibility of
doing what is necessary.

Just recently I was reading about the challenge of people
who are on ventilators. There is simply not many options
for them. There is a kindergarten teacher here locally
that is completely dependent on a ventilator. Time is
running out to find someplace to care for her. There are
hundreds of similar patients in my state, which is Missouri.
This is probably similar to other states.

The hospital where she's been living for several months,
is saying she needs to find a new facility because
Medicaid isn't footing the bill anymore. There is no
facility in Missouri that has elected to provide services to
care for this woman. The main reasons are concerns
about liability and staffing issues. The cost to keep her
at home would be upwards of $14,000 a month which is
something that her family simply can't afford. Most
families wouldn't be able to.

Another story involving this same issue has to do with a
woman who is 69 who spends each day taking care of
her ailing husband. He's suffering from ALS, and has
been on a ventilator for more than a year. She is trying
to take care of him for as long as she can but she has
also had health issues. She worries her husband will
have nowhere to go if she can no longer care for him.

Our state's chairman of the Medicaid Oversight
Committee has said that the problem is of course money.
They don't pay the providers very well so they're not
that thrilled about taking Medicaid patients. Nationwide,
there's estimates of about 45 percent of providers
saying that they don't want medicaid patients.

If you are reading this I encourage you to get started
today with our products. They can help you in so
many ways. Many have tried everything under the sun
and did not experience the results that they were
looking for until they tried our products. Many pray
to God. We also need to pray to be open to when
God shows us the way. This could be the way for
you and your family.

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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