So important for good health - balanced hormones.


Hormones are chemicals that act as messengers to help different parts of the body function
properly. Hormones control most all functions in the body. When a hormone is either too
high or too low it can throw everything else out of balance.

Some of the things that hormones control include:
* Regulating heartbeat and breathing
* Helping you to fall asleep and then to wake up
* Proper blood pressure
* Proper structure - building bones, proper muscle tone, lubricating the joints
* Helping the body to produce energy
* Regulating the menstrual cycle
* Allowing pregnancy and birth to take place
* Proper emotions - relieving stress, calming, rejuvenating, uplifting
* Helps you to be able to make and keep memories
* Relieves discomfort
* Controls sex drive
* Helps to stimulate the brain and the immune system
* Helps to make men men and women women

For proper aging you want to make sure your hormones are balanced. Out of control hormones
can lead to accelerated declines both physically and mentally.

Here are some of the major hormones and what you might see if you are insufficient in them.
* Decreased muscle strength
* Low sex drive in women
* Cellulite on the thighs
* Anxious, gloomy, insecure, sad
* Low energy

* Loss of curves for women
* Lack of sexual desire and dryness for women
* Breasts shrink or sag
* Dry and irritated eyes
* Tendency towards feeling down

* Memory problems and not able to concentrate
* Joint discomfort
* Vulnerable to stress and feeling down
* Can cause other hormones to be insufficient
* Lack of physical exertion

* Tender breasts prior to period
* Estrogen dominance
* Excess weight in lower half of the body
* Poor sleeping habits
* Discomfort in the head
* Loss of sexual desire in men and women
* Feeling fatigued
* Feeling down
* Dry eyes
* Lines around mouth and corner of eyes

* Cold hands and feet
* Puffy eyelids and swollen face
* Dry and sparse hair
* Weight gain
* Feeling tired

The answer is not to cover up these symptoms but to resolve them by balancing hormone
levels. We have some excellent products that may be able to help you.

For women
* SclarEssence is a blend of essential oils that helps the body to naturally balance hormones
by using essential oil phytoestrogens.
* Progessence Plus Serum is formulated to help the body to balance progesterone levels.

For men
* Shutran is a blend of essential oils to help men boost their levels of masculinity and confidence.
* Mister is an essential oil blend that helps to promote prostate health and helps the body to
balance hormones.

For both men and women
* EndoGize is a supplement that helps to support a healthy endocrine system. Your endocrine
system regulates several body systems for hormone balance.
* PD 80/20 is a supplement that supports a healthy endocrine system, supports healthy brain
function, supports a healthy cardiovascular system, and supports a healthy immune system.
* Prenolone Plus is a cream with ingredients that support healthy hormone levels.
* Thyromin is a supplement that helps to support a healthy thyroid gland.

Many have seen positive results by using these products. They are part of an overall healthy
lifestyle. I encourage you to join the many who get started every day on the path to a better
way of life with the Young Living lifestyle. You can find out more and get started on our
products at:

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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