Releasing excess fat safely.


Mark down today's date. Today is the day that you
were given the chance to be a part of something very
special. You either took action or you let it pass you by.
Step up to better. A new and better normal. Life is too
short for anything less than the very best. Join us today!

It is somewhat of an obsession for many. Looking and
searching for what will work for them so they can finally
lose the excess fat that is making them so miserable.
The excess fat hanging around their middle, their legs,
their arms, their butt. Some people will try almost
anything. Unfortunately some of the products that
are sold, promising that this is "it", that this is the
miracle you have been searching for, can cause
lots of serious health problems and can even kill you.

One story I recently read was of a mother of four who
died after using products she bought online to help
her lose weight. She was really worried about turning
50. She started using fat burning pills, cream, and
drinking what was marketed as a slimming tea. These
products were implicated in the cause of her death.

After just a few weeks of using the products she
started having symptoms which led to pain, her
organs failing, and her intestines rupturing. How
very sad. No one needs to risk their life to lose
excess weight.

If you understood what is in most of the products
sold you would never want to use them. So many
products on the market for weight loss are not
good for you and are even dangerous. So many
companies only care about money and have no
concern at all to what will happen to people as
they use the products.

The very best company with integrity and honesty
and putting people first is Young Living. I love
their products. They have changed my life. We
have a wonderful product line called Slique that
has some really good, high quality products,
that can help you to finally release excess weight
for good without compromising your health.

Our hundreds of products are about having a
better lifestyle. You can prevent so many problems
if you simply use good products that help support
all the systems of your body to work as they were
created to. Proper nutrition and getting rid of the
toxic products you are using will go a long way
to helping you to look and feel better than you
ever imagined.

I encourage you to try our Slique products if you
are looking to release excess weight. For all the
other areas of your life we also have fantastic
products. You can find out more at:

As you go through the information you will see
why so many people around the world agree
with me, that these are the very best products
on the planet!

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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