Raise the frequency for wellness.


According to Dr. Valnet, a doctor put some microbe laden air from
the hospital into a flask containing just a few drops of essential oils,
40% of the microbes were eliminated in 20 minutes, 80% in an
hour, and 100% in nine hours. For the very best quality air more
and more people are diffusing essential oils every day in every

Two men each had a measured frequency of 66 hertz. One simply
held a cup of coffee and his frequency dropped to 58 hertz in 3
seconds. The other man drank the coffee and his frequency
dropped to 52 hertz in 3 seconds. The man that drank the coffee
did not use essential oils and it took 3 days for his frequency to
go back up to where it had originally been. The man that just held
the cup of coffee, he simply inhaled the essential oil blend RC and
his frequency returned to his original frequency within 21 seconds.
Essential oils have been found to help the body re-establish normal
frequency. It has been shown that disease begins at 58 hertz, flu at
57 hertz, candida at 55 hertz, Epstein Barr at 52 hertz, and cancer
at 42 hertz.

Movement is critical to wellness. Movement helps to lubricate the
joints. Lack of movement makes the immune system weaker. When
you don't move your body enough blood vessels become weaker
and thinner and blood pressure goes up because the heart gets
weaker. Research suggests that regular exercise delays or even
reverses age-related brain decline. It has been shown that
exercise was significantly more important than calcium intake
for keeping bones strong. Exercise also helps the body to
naturally remove toxins.

Many chiropractors have found that by applying our Valor oil on
the bottom of the feet and on the spine, that spinal manipulations
are easier to do and last 75% longer. Our Sulfurzyme product is
one of the most powerful in supporting complete body cleansing.

Gary Young was giving a lecture and a doctor who was there
thought it was a bunch of hogwash. Gary told him to bring his
toughest patient to him. The doctor came back with a red-faced,
overweight gentleman of over 70 years of age. This man could
hardly make it up the stairs and was breathing heavily. The
doctor said that for twenty years he had been trying to get this
patient's blood pressure to normalize, without success. Gary
took out his case of essential oils and started applying them to
this man. Within an hour and a half the man's blood pressure
was normal and it stayed that way for many months. Those
oils were put into a blend which is our Aroma Life.

Every area of your life can benefit by using premium products
every day. Support your wellness journey each and every day
by using the very best. http://www.thisworks.biz

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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