For a properly functioning brain look to nutrition.


Every year there are more than 7 million accidental poisonings
in America, and 75% of these involve children under the age of 6.
Get rid of your toxic products and replace them with safer alternatives
that work better. Don't wait until your child or pet become one of the
victims. Step up to better. A new and better normal. Life is too short
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There have been doctors that have found that different issues
with feelings whether it be labeled depression, mania,
neurosis, etc. have as the basis a lack of proper nutrition.
When the nutritional deficiencies are corrected oftentimes
the feelings clear up.

Many are unaware that if you have a severe deficiency in
niacin that a person can have chronic violent behavior.
If you don't supplement with niacin you can spend years
on a psychiatrist's couch and it will do you no good.

Here is a really good example. A young man was suffering
from severe depression and claustrophobia and was referred
to a doctor who luckily knew about the connection between
nutritional deficiencies and mental challenges. This man
had been so afraid of small spaces that he had been unable
to be in his own bathroom for a long enough period of time
to take a shower or bath for over 5 years!

The doctor asked this man what his typical diet was. The
man said that all he ate was hamburgers, black coffee, and
pasteurized skim milk. Not what you would call a healthy
diet and definitely not able to provide all of the nutrition
that is needed for proper functioning. This man was very
malnourished, so bad in fact that his cells had almost lost
their ability to convert food into energy.

Well the doctor had this man change his diet to a more
balanced living food diet along with taking vitamins and
minerals that were not synthetic. Within just a few weeks
time this man's depression and claustrophobia disappeared.
Didn't cost much and didn't take a lot of time.

A report was done way back in 1965 which involved more
than 7,000 patients and it came to the conclusion that
psychotherapy proved of no lasting value whatsoever in
helping any of the patients recover from any mental

There have been studies done with children in school
and with the addition of good quality supplements
average grades went up and discipline problems

There have been studies within the prison population
and when prisoners were given good quality supplements
their attitude and behavior improved. Just look at how
many problems could be prevented simply by making
sure that everyone has proper nutrition from the very

Good health is more simple than most people want to
believe. It has to do with what we do each and every
day. We are responsible. A huge part of good health is
giving the body the nutrition it needs so that all of
our trillions of cells can function at optimal levels.

We have fantastic products that can help you on your
journey to wellness. Once you try them you will
understand why so many people around the world
never want to be without them.

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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