The problem may be emotions.


It's kind of sad how so many people ignore their health so
that they can make lots of money and then when they get older
all that money goes to trying to get back their health. Doesn't
make much sense does it? Your greatest asset is your good
health. Take care of your health as if your life depended on it,
because it does. Step up to better. A new and better normal.
Life is too short for anything less than the very best. Join us

When it comes to physical challenges one of the first things to
consider is stored negative emotions. Most people, including
doctors, won't even think about this, but negative emotions
can get stored in our cells and cause problems in the physical
realm. You can try endless modalities but you most likely won't
find relief until you work on releasing the negative emotions.
This can take time but it is well worth the effort.

Here is a good example. An 8 year old girl received a heart
transplant. The heart came from a 10 year old girl who had
been murdered. After the transplant the girl started to scream
at night about having dreams of the man that had murdered
her donor. The police were called and using the descriptions
from the little girl they were able to find the murderer.
Everything that the little girl said from the time it happened,
the weapon used, the place that it occurred at, and even the
clothes he wore, was true.

That is how powerful stored emotions are. Many people have
heart problems. The heart can experience physical pain from
years of stored emotional pain. Regardless of which comes first,
the physical or the emotional, the two work together and can
have a profound impact on the other area.

One of the very best things you can do to release negative
emotions and to be able to better deal with them is to use pure
essential oils. Pure essential oils are one of the very few things
that can penetrate the area of the brain as well as other areas
of the body, to help the body to be able to release the negative.
For many people once negative emotions were able to be
released the physical symptoms also left.

Everyone should be using our products on a daily basis to help
support them in the well being of all the areas - physical, mental,
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Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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