Power up for wellness.


When it comes to challenges in the body the different symptoms
have common foundations from where the challenges come from.
We are electrical beings. Every part of us has a frequency associated
with wellness. That is one reason why essential oils work so well.
They too have a frequency that can assist us in coming back to

Every single one of our cells is like a generator. If that generator can't
work properly then you are going to have problems, especially when
you have a number of cells not being able to generate power. Every
cell has a sodium potassium pump that is critical to the proper
functioning of every cell.

One reason that causes the pump to not work is when blood proteins
that escape the capillaries get trapped around cells. These blood
proteins attract fluid and the excess fluid causes too much sodium
to get into cells and not be able to be pumped out as quickly as
it needs to be. Also these trapped blood proteins prevent oxygen
from being able to get into the cells.

One of the reasons why blood proteins get trapped and in turn
excess fluid and sodium accumulates around cells is due to diet.
Anything that poisons the cells creates trapped blood proteins.
Ongoing stress and negative emotions can contribute to trapped
blood proteins around cells.

The sodium potassium pump in your cells is powered by ATP and
ATP needs oxygen and glucose. Your best diet for wellness and best
sources for glucose so the ATP can work in the cells is from plant
sources. Protein from animal products when broken down in the
body produces toxic substances which create poisons in the liver
and kidneys. People may feel better after eating animal protein
while at the same time they are killing themselves. Heating meat
and carbohydrates at high temperatures creates toxic compounds.

Oftentimes pain in the body is due to cells not getting enough
oxygen. Your lymph system is critical in eliminating trapped blood
proteins around cells. You have more lymph vessels than blood
vessels, however, the lymph system moves much more slowly than
the circulatory system. Your lymph system doesn't have a pump.
The best thing to help your lymph system move is deep breathing,
dry skin brushing, and using a rebounder. Trapped blood proteins
can stay in an area for life. The longer they stay the more
problems that will be created because the cells in the area cannot
function properly. Your lymph system can pull out excess fluid
and blood proteins. The blood proteins are then returned to the
circulatory system and toxins are expelled from the body. Two
essential oils especially good for the lymph system are grapefruit
and ledum essential oils.

I encourage you to support your wellness every day with every
action and every thought. We can help. http://www.thisworks.biz

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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