No neutral.


I like to simplify things. It makes life more enjoyable. When it
comes to wellness it helps to remember that there is no
neutral. If you are wanting to have vibrant health, to have
more energy, release excess fat, feel fantastic, then this
will help you to be able to get there more easily.

Most people already know what is good for them and what
isn't. You don't need a college degree for this. We are real
and the only things that are body can recognize and use
to its benefit are what is real.

So many of the things that are in products that people use
on themselves and take internally on a daily basis, including
what is called food, is made by people sitting in a lab. This
stuff isn't real. If you do much research you will see that
many of these things can cause lots and lots of problems.
So it is best to stay away from these if your goal is wellness.

One reason why I have been using Young Livings products
now for almost 19 years is because of their commitment to
real, to the very best, the highest of standards, and never
compromising. That is so important. They are one of the
very few companies in the world that puts people first ahead
of profit. They are the only company in the world with the
"Seed to Seal" guarantee. This is huge! They control and
know about what is going on every step of the way. You
can have the very best ingredients but those ingredients
can be ruined if one of the steps is not done properly. If
people only understood this they would realize just how
much money they are throwing away. You have enough
money. It is where you are spending it. Put it to better
use by using Young Living's products.

I have done lots of research over the past 25 years and
what I have found is that so many people, so much
information that comes out, so much of what the officials
want you to believe, simply isn't true. It is all the lies that
people are believing as truth that are doing so much
damage. Believing a lie as truth will never make it truth
no matter how long you believe it to be true or how bad
you want it to be true.

I remember when the founder of Young Living, Gary Young,
stated that if we had to we could live off of Ningxia Red
and Einkorn because of their nutritional profiles. I love
Ningxia Red. It supports all the systems of the body for 
wellness and it tastes delicious. We have a number of
products made with Einkorn. My favorite is the Einkorn
Granola. It tastes so good and makes a great and
healthy snack.

I feel so blessed to be able to have the very best products
delivered every month right to my door to help me on my
wellness journey. You too can have this. A simple way to
have the very best. It is a great way to eliminate so much
of what people worry about because it will always be the
very best in "real" for you and your family. Get started
today! It is one of the very best decisions you will ever make.

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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