No guarantees.


There is no guarantee of a job with a college degree
yet people will spend many thousands of dollars to obtain
one and go into debt. Things are constantly changing.
Many with masters degrees and even PhD's can't find a
job and are working two and three jobs to get by. It just
makes sense to start a home based business with us for
less than $200 where you have the ability to make an
unlimited income.

Partnering for success.
When I started looking for the right product line and home based
business many years ago I was surprised at all the "junk" promoted
as something "awesome". If you take away the hype most things
you see marketed as "awesome" are simply a waste of time and
money. I have had so many people lie to me it is just really sad.
Whenever I see one of these companies go out of business I am
never surprised. What does surprise me is how so many of these
people simply jump to promoting another junk program. I guess
some people will just never learn.

I kept searching because I wanted to not only help myself but
also be able to help as many other people as possible. What
has always motivated me has been to help others. It has never
been money or stuff. I am so glad that I never gave up. Since
the year 2000 I have been partnered with what I feel is one
of the very best companies that exists in the world. It is a
company that has a foundation of honesty, integrity, caring,
constant and never ending improvement, putting people first,
and generosity. That is why I proudly share with as many
people as I can each and every day.

The name of the company is Young Living Essential Oils.
They are the world leader in essential oils. The founder,
Gary Young, is a genius of our time. To be able to help him
with his vision of getting these life changing products into
each and every home is a blessing. He has done all the
hard work and by allowing us to be a part of this, simply by
sharing with others, our dreams can become reality. It
doesn't get any better than this.

Here are some of the reasons why you too will want to
partner with Young Living.
* Young Living owns their own farms throughout the world.
* Young Living is the only company in the world with the
"seed to seal" guarantee meaning that they control and
can guarantee that every step of the process is done right
so you get the very best quality that is guaranteed pure.
* Many of the techniques and skills applied in growing and
distilling Young Living oils are trade secrets, known only to
Gary Young and his trusted employees. There are many
things that Young Living has that no other company in the
world will ever have.
* Young Living's standards go well beyond organic.
* Young Living has a non-profit foundation that does even
more good throughout the world. Young Living covers 100%
of administrative costs so that every penny of money donated
goes to helping those in need. Some of the projects have
been building schools in Ecuador, building homes in Nepal
that were devastated by the earthquakes there, and helping
those in need in Ecuador after the severe earthquake. There
is also support of orphanages in Croatia and Africa. Young Living
is doing so much good throughout the world and we can be a
part of this.

People can have more of an impact on the world than they think
they can. It comes down to where your money flows. You can
have a very positive and profound impact by buying your products
from Young Living. When you understand how much damage so
many big corporations do and how many products contain toxic
ingredients you will realize why you want to be smart with your
money and have it flowing to a company that cares and is
dedicated to doing the very best for people, animals, and the

These are just a few reasons why you will want to partner with
us. Just like when building a home, when you are building a
home based business, you want a good foundation. There is
no better foundation for success than Young Living. You can
get more information at our site at:

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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