A new path.


Things are constantly changing. Most people are not happy
with what they are doing for a living. Some give many years
and lots of time and effort to a company and then are told
their services are no longer needed. Or they are told that
they need to train a new person from another company to
take their job to receive severance who will be paid a third
or a quarter of what the US worker was paid and not receive
any benefits. Recently I read where an Amazon warehouse
worker's working conditions were so bad that they felt like
committing suicide. Everyone needs to know that there is
a better path to take.

Here are some statistics that you need to be aware of. In
case you don't know the economy isn't doing so good
as well as the situation for the average citizen. For instance:
* Total consumer debt in the United States just surpassed
the 4 trillion dollar mark. That has never happened before
in all of U.S. history.
* The number of “seriously delinquent” credit card accounts
in the U.S. has shot up to 37 million.
* At this moment, more than 7 million Americans are
delinquent on their auto loan payments.
* The total amount of student loan debt in the United States
has reached the 1.5 trillion dollar mark. Right now, more
than 166 billion dollars in student loan debt is considered
to be “seriously delinquent”.
* Millennials are now more than a trillion dollars in debt.
No generation of Americans has ever been deeper in debt
at this stage in their life.
* One recent survey found that 78 percent of Americans
“are living paycheck to paycheck”.
* If a credit-card borrower only made the minimum payments
on $5,000 of debt they’d be in debt for more than 18 years
and would end up paying at least $6,372 in interest. 

Time for people to realize that they need to get on a better
path. More and more companies are going to more and
more automation meaning less jobs in the future.

One bright spot is network marketing where anyone can
make an unlimited income with effort. However, choosing
the right company is so very important.

I have done many years of research and no other company
product line, or compensation plan comes close to
Young Living's. We are the world leader in the fastest
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Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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