Natural and healthy energy.


We can help you succeed. Quit wasting time and money
and end the frustration. This could be the answer to your

So many people seem to run out of energy. Many don't
even have enough energy to start the day and have to
get going with a pot of coffee. Other people use products
that can give them jitters and even endanger their

We have fantastic products that can help you to have
more energy naturally. When your body is functioning
at an optimal level you will have plenty of energy.

One product that works really well is our essential oil
blend called En-R-Gee. (Pronounced "Energy"). It is a
blend of rosemary, juniper, nutmeg, fir, black pepper,
lemongrass, and clove essential oils.

To help you to increase your energy levels you will
want to especially focus on supporting the brain and
the adrenal glands. That is what the oil En-R-Gee

The wonderful thing about pure essential oils is that
they are the very best tools to help your body to be
balanced. That is really what good health is. When
we go out of balance is when problems happen.
Essential oils only stay in the body for about 20
minutes before they are exhausted and used up
by the acids in the body. The more acidic you are,
the quicker the essential oils will wear out.

Gary Young is the founder of Young Living. His wife
Mary is the CEO. Mary Young had both of her
children when she was in her 50's. When she was
in labor, at the point of exhaustion, Gary rubbed
En-R-Gee up her spine and it helped her to have
more energy. As you know going through labor
can be pretty exhausting.

Each of  the oils in En-R-Gee has a purpose. The
blends are not put together in a haphazard manner.
In fact every single product that Young Living has
was designed for a purpose to help people. None
of the products were designed with the sole intent
to make money. That is one reason why I love
Young Living. They are always looking to do the
highest good with the focus on helping people.
As you help people the money will follow.

Here are some of the benefits as to why each of
the oils were chosen for En-R-Gee.

Rosemary, Black Pepper - These oils are supportive
of healthy adrenal glands and the thyroid. For more
energy it is so important to have properly functioning

Lemongrass - It is high in Limonene. You can do research
to find out what this component is and why it is so

Juniper - It is supportive of healthy kidneys and has one
of the components being camphor. You can do research
to find out the benefits of this.

Nutmeg - This oil is especially supportive of healthy
adrenal glands.

I encourage you to try En-R-Gee for yourself and see
what positive benefits you receive. When you support
your body to be at its optimal level you will be amazed
at how good you feel, how much easier it is to cope
with what comes up in your life, and to simply get
through the day and feel great in the evening. You
can find out more at:

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.


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