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Germs are everywhere and sinks are not. Thieves Spray and Thieves
Waterless Hand Purifier are on-the-go cleaners that are perfect for
when you are running errands, traveling, or away from home! When
you clean a surface with water and soap, the ingredients of most
products only partially wash off, and when you use hand purifiers or
cleaning sprays, ingredients in them will absorb into your skin. This
is why it is really important to be aware of the ingredients in your

When looking for a hand sanitizer or cleaning spray that is safe for
your skin, make sure the active ingredients are plant based. For
example, look for naturally derived alcohol, instead of triclosan.
Triclosan, or triclocarban, is an antibiotic compound that has been
used in an array of products, from cleaning to oral care, for years.
Last September, the FDA banned the use of triclosan and 18 other
chemicals commonly used in antibacterial consumer products
because evidence shows it disrupts hormone cycles, causes
negative health effects, and could even cause antibiotic resistance.

If you are looking for better alternatives, without triclosan, you
need to try Thieves Spray and Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier.
Thieves Spray is a portable essential oil spray ideal for cleaning
small surfaces. Just one small spray freshens surfaces using
only naturally derived, plant-based ingredients and the powerful
spicy-citrus scent of Thieves essential oil blend. It is a great
option to use around children and pets and the perfect size to
throw in a purse, backpack, or luggage!

We love using Thieves Spray on:
• Light switches
• Kitchen sinks
• Door knobs
• Public toilet seats
• Bathroom counters
• Smelly shoes
• And more!

Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier is another must because it is
effective, safe, and gentle enough for your hands, especially
if soap and water aren’t an option! Not only will this product
cleanse and purify your hands, it will also keep them
moisturized and protected.

You’ll love that Thieves Hand Purifier has a plant-derived
formula with safe ingredients that you can trust, including
denatured alcohol, water, aloe barbadensis leaf powder,
glycerin, hydroxypropyl cellulose, Peppermint oil, Clove oil,
Lemon peel oil, Eucalyptus Radiata oil, Rosemary oil, and
Cinnamon Bark oil.

Here are a few things to consider about our Thieves Hand
• Hydroxypropyl cellulose is a plant-derived thickener and
comes from cotton. Similar products on the market use an
ingredient called Carbopol polymer instead, which is
derived from petroleum. No, thank you!
• Denatured alcohol is denatured using essential oils such
as Peppermint. Other commercial products on the market
use chemical denaturants.

For the very best on the go cleaners you don't ever want
to be without our Thieves Spray and Thieves Waterless
Hand Purifier. Stock up today!

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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