A must have - Brain Power.


People pray really hard. They try to make deals with
God. They plead. They beg. They cry out. But until they
change how they think and what they are willing to do
nothing will change for them. Are you ready for a change?

One of the must have essential oil blends for everyone
on the planet is Brain Power. When you say the name
you can get a feeling for how this blend of essential
oils can benefit you.

Brain Power is a blend of the oils of Cedarwood,
Sandalwood, Frankincense, Melissa, Australian Blue
Cypress, Lavender, and Helicrysum.

All these compounds are specific compounds in working on
the brain. They can help increase vascular dilation.
Cedarwood is an oil with one of the highest levels of
sesquiterpenes. You can do a search and find out all
the wonderful ways that these compounds can benefit
you and your health.

Essential oils can help to increase the level of oxygen in
the body. It is imperative to have good oxygen flow to have
good memory recall and retention.

Melissa, Sandalwood, and Frankincense oils are also very
high in sesquiterpenes. Studies have shown that with high
levels of sesquiterpenes that there is a 28% increase of
oxygen in the pituitary gland. Essential oils are also very
helpful in decongesting the lymph system, and helping to
calm the nerves. All essential oils are multi-faceted so
they can play many important parts in helping to bring the
body to balance and helping to have a higher level of

Another important aspect when dealing with proper brain
function is to get the toxins out. You can't increase brain
function if the brain has levels of heavy metals such as
mercury, lead, arsenic, or nickel. People who have
challenges with proper brain functioning oftentimes have
high levels of heavy metals. Essential oils are wonderful
at helping the body to be better able to eliminate heavy
metals more quickly.

Brain Power stimulates the neurotransmitters in the brain
for receptivity and memory recall and helps to purge the
heavy metals out of the brain.

Life can be so much better when your brain is functioning
at optimal levels. Why not give Brain Power a try and see
how it can benefit you and your family. This is a great 
oil to use for anyone who is in school.

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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