Mineral up for good health.


Mineral Essence is a fully balanced mineral tincture to supply our mineral
needs. Some feel that you can trace every illness to a mineral deficiency.
The minerals are ionic minerals which are the most fully and quickly
absorbed form of minerals.

Some of the ingredients and some of the benefits follow. Magnesium
supports bone formation, calcium absorption, carbohydrate and glucose
metabolism, muscle health, and heart health. Chloride supports proper
blood volume, blood pressure, and fluid balance in cells. Sodium supports
nerve health and maintains the balance of water and minerals. Honey
supports the health of the immune system, digestive system, and the
heart. Royal jelly is a good source of B vitamins and 50+ minerals and
vitamins, it supports the health of the cardiovascular system, kidneys,
lungs, and immune system. Lemon peel oil helps the body to detoxify,
release excess weight, supports the immune system, and promotes the
proper level of energy. Cinnamon bark oil supports energy production
and the health of the immune system, circulation, and the digestive
system. Peppermint oil supports the health of the digestive system,
immune system, and the brain.

I love Mineral Essence! Give it a try and I believe you will too. Step up
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Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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