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When it comes to wellness there is a lot involved. It can
be really complicated. It is so complicated that no one
even knows all of what goes on in a single cell.
Oftentimes people that are called professionals, experts,
scientists, or doctors are wrong.

So why not keep wellness simple? Here is an easy way
to think about wellness. Do things that make your cells

Picture each of your cells as having a face. You already
know what is good for you and what is bad. If someone
likes something that is bad for them they tend to not
focus on what might be the negative consequences
because they like consuming what they like to consume.
They can be given lots of facts as to why they shouldn't
do what they do but that typically doesn't change their
behavior unless they get scared to death or have a
really strong burning desire to change for the better,
like the love they feel for a spouse or child so that they
can stay around for as long as possible. One of the
very best gifts you can give to someone you love is to
take care of yourself.

So in the case of wellness if you picture your cells as
having a face, focus on making your cells smile. When
you think positive thoughts you are making them smile.
When you do a good deed for someone else you are
making them smile. When you drink plenty of pure
water you are making them smile. When you avoid
things that are toxic to the body you are making them
smile and when you eat real food that is organic you
are making them smile. Plenty of good movement will
make them smile. You get the picture. Avoid things
that you can picture will make your cells frown, cry
out in agony, or become angry or fearful.

If everyone consciously focused on making their cells
smile there would be very few health problems and
people would be living a much more enjoyable life.
The time that each person had on this planet could
be put to a much greater and more productive use.

Our health is our responsibility so why not start today
on making your cells smile. We have hundreds of
products that can help you make your cells smile. In
fact by using our products on a daily basis I bet that
you can even cause your cells to start high fiving
and shouting with joy. When you love yourself
enough to give yourself the very best, amazing things
can happen for you. You can find out more at:

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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