Lighten up.


For all of your tomorrows you will reap what you sow
today. When a bamboo seed is planted nothing happens
for the first four years. Then during the fifth year it grows
90 feet in just six weeks! Join us and start planting seeds
by simply sharing with others. You may not see results right
away but for those who are persistent things will happen. I
am receiving rewards of seeds I planted years ago. It will
happen for you too. Begin today to sow the seeds of
what you want 5 years from now.

Lighten up.
So much money is spent every year by people trying to get
rid of excess weight. We have a whole line of products that
do this naturally, working with the body to release excess
weight. There have been people that have spent years trying
everything under the sun and didn't get the results they
were looking for until they tried our Slique products.

Slique is pronounced sleek and that is just what the products
will do for you. They will help you to have a sleek physique
that you will love looking at in the mirror. Before you know it
you will be able to fit into those clothes you haven't been
able to wear in years. Getting into great shape also takes
exercise but the most important thing is what you put into
your body. Without the proper fuel your body can't function
right and this includes being able to eliminate what isn't
needed. All of our products are focused on wellness so by
staying on them you don't have to worry about the yo-yo
effect. Our products help you to get into the best shape of
your life and stay there as long as you keep using them.

Most people are aware of all the health problems that come
hand in hand with putting on extra weight. Being overweight
can shorten your lifespan. It can make what years you have
left not as pleasant as they can be. When you are fit it is a
lot more fun to do anything and everything under the sun.
Take care of yourself because you are important and the
ones that you love want you to be around for as long as

Our Slique products work so well because of our proprietary
ingredients paired with the best essential oils in the world.
Remember that the toxins stored in your cells are what is
making you fat. Essential oils are the best at helping your
body to eliminate those toxins so you can get back to feeling
and looking fantastic. Say goodbye to the lumps and bumps.

Our Slique products include:
* Slique essence essential oil blend
* Slique tea
* Slique gum
* Slique bars including slique bars drizzled in our healthy chocolate
* Slique CitraSlim
* Slique shake is a great tasting meal replacement

Lots of great products to help you to destroy cravings, give your
body the nutrition it needs, and to slim down naturally and safely.
So why put off looking great any longer? No harmful ingredients
are in any of our products. You can find out more at:

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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