A key to success is to be focused.


We have a wonderful blend of oils called Gathering. The oils
in this blend are galbanum, frankincense, sandalwood,
lavender, cinnamon, rose, spruce, geranium, and
ylang ylang.

in 1993, Gary received an anonymous fax that said in an
excavation in Jericho, 3 large cases full of scrolls and a
little container of oils were found and they were being kept
at the Hebrew University. One week later, Gary made his
way down to Jerusalem amidst the fights going on between
the Israelites and the Palestinians. There were bombs
going off and tanks everywhere. A guard even pulled a
machine gun on Gary. Gary was given a permit to go into
the university and into the archaeology department and
look at the archives. 

Gary kept questioning why he was there, why he was
allowed to look at these things. Gary was able to see the
small terracotta container. The people who worked in the
translation committee believed that that was the container
that Christ carried on himself, that He used during His
administering work.

Here's the interesting thing. When the case was opened,
they found 5 alabaster jars. The interesting thing was
that a year before, Gary was in Egypt during the war
when the bombing on the buses happened. He was
supposed to be on the bus but he wasn't. The Spirit had
told him to go across the street and go into the
American University library and do some studying. He
turned and walked across the street as the bombs blew
those buses up. The military's guns went off, bullets
were everywhere. He hid for 3 days until everything
calmed down. Later on, he went to one of the temples
and an guard came up to Gary.
Guard: You speak English?
Gary: Yes
Guard: Why are you here?
Gary: I'm here to study about essential oils.
Guard: No that's not why you are here. I tell you why
you are here. You are here to learn about the man who
came here many years ago that you call Christ. Christ
was here. He was here 5 times. When He left, He was
given 5 alabaster jars filled with oil as a parting gift to
use for His ministry.

So when Gary saw the 5 jars in front of him, he knew
there was something here that was so big that we
really don't understand it. In those scrolls was this
statement "He shall know His children by their scent."

Gary can't tell us what it means, but he can tell us how
it feels for him. "There's going to be a time, somewhere,
some place, and I believe the people who are wearing
God's oils, who have lived the way they should, may
be the ones who will be chosen to stand and come
forth as an army to battle the adversary."

So Gary wanted to create an oil that would bring that
scent. That would gather people together for that
purpose and vision. He worked on it for years.
Through his multiple trips to Israel, on a trip where
he was on top of a hill, Gary heard a voice that said,
"Galbanum shall be your oil."

So Gary added Galbanum into the blend. The
Gathering blend helps to gather your thoughts into
a single focus. Gathering helps you to spiritually,
emotionally, and physically gather yourself to
become one in the presence of God. If you feel
compromised, fractured, scattered, feel like
you're in pieces, grab Gathering, put it on to
pull you together.

If you want to step out of the rut, get out of the
ashes, put the blends of Inspiration, Highest
Potential, and Gathering on together. Really

Many feel that pure essential oils are God's gift
to us for wellness. Give Gathering a try and see
what positive results happen for you. You can
find out more at: http://www.thisworks.biz

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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