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An interesting study was conducted comparing the average
bowel movements of people in India to people in America. On
average Americans consume three times the calories of those
living in India. However, the bowel movements of those in India
were twice those of Americans in size.

The average diet of those in India is based primarily on
vegetables and whole grains. The fibrous bulk helps to propel
wastes through the intestinal tract more quickly and efficiently.
The typical American diet consists of lots of meat, dairy, and
processed foods which then moves through the intestines
very slowly. Because of this much of the food putrefies and
ferments rather than being digested. The results are that
toxic wastes are formed and can be stored in you for days,
or even weeks. This puts you in a constant state where you
are poisoning yourself.

So if you are poisoning yourself on a regular basis do you
think that good health is possible? No way! This self poisoning
can result in lots of different problems including arthritis,
constipation, fatigue, infertility, impotence, and a lack of
immunity to infectious disease.

Some feel that this undigested food can be stored in the
intestines for months and even years. It rots and decays and
gets buried in the crevices of the colon. Most people have
what can be compared to as a stagnant cesspool that they
are carrying around with them at all times. Have you ever
seen what happens when a sewer backs up? Just picture
that inside of you.

So unless you are willing to deal with the causes of your
problems you will never see relief. You can continue to run
to the doctor and get on lots of different drugs but until you
focus on diet and proper elimination you will never see the
results you are looking for.

We have the very best products on the planet to help you
on your journey to wellness. So many people who have tried
lots of other brands were pleasantly surprised when they
finally saw the results they had been searching for after
getting started using our products. We offer endless
possibilities for good in all areas.

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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