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When you get your next paycheck and hold it up to the
light ask yourself, "Is that all I'm really worth?!" You are worth
so much more and here's a way to make it happen! Step up
to better. A new and better normal. Life is too short for
anything less than the very best. Join us today!

One of the systems that most don't even think about
is our lymph system. You have many lymph nodes and
vessels all over your body. The good health of your lymph
system is critical to your overall good health. Did you
know that if your lymph system stopped moving that
you would be dead in about 24 hours?

Your circulatory system has a pump, your heart. Your
lymph system has no pump. To keep things moving it
is critical that you move. Too much sitting around
negatively impacts your lymph system.

Your lymph system not only helps to remove toxins
and get them out of your body, kind of like the
garbage man in your neighborhood removing your
trash, but it is also critical in helping the body to
defend against disease. The lymph system is critical
in helping the body to fight infection.

We have some great products to help support the
good health of your lymph system.

Essential oils
The vitality line of oils of Thieves, frankincense,
lavender, lemon, DiGize, oregano, ImmuPower,
AromaLife, Exodus II, Purification, clove, and

Ningxia Red, ImmuPro, Inner Defense, Life9,
Super C, Longevity, Digest & Cleanse, MultiGreens

Start using the very best products for wellness and
you will be doing the very best to support all your
systems including your very important lymph
system. You can find out more at:

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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