It's about lifestyle.


Have you given up on your dream because it didn't
happen the first time or the fifth time or the thirtieth time?
You are full of so much potential! You were never created
to be average, to just barely get by, and to always struggle.
Don't you dare settle for second best. Today is a new day.
Draw a line in the sand and say, "That's it. I've let good
enough be good enough long enough." Become everything
that God has created you to be. Let's make your dreams
come true!

It's all about lifestyle.
Young Living is more than just products and even more than
just a fantastic way to make money from the comfort of home.
Young Living is about having a better lifestyle. What
Young Living offers can have a positive impact on every area
of your life. Once you get started using our products you will
find it hard to believe that you ever lived without them. Adding
them to your life will have a very positive and profound impact.
You won't know how big of a difference they will make until you
start using them each and every day. The longer you use them
the better you will look and feel.

Essential Oils
Essential oils are the hottest thing going in wellness right now.
There is a huge growth in this area because more and more
people are coming to understand just how powerful essential
oils are when it comes to wellness.

Essential oils are the life blood and immune system of plants.
What they do for plants and trees they can also do for us.
Pure essential oils can be used by the body, mind, and spirit
to bring it to balance. We are created by God and essential oils
are God's gift to us for wellness. Our body knows what to do
with them and can use them to bring us to balance.

That is really all good health is, being in balance. When things
are out of balance there are things that people call symptoms.
Symptoms are a cry for help by the body that something is
going on that shouldn't be. We simply need to give our body
a little bit of help so it can get back into balance.

Each and every drop of essential oils has limitless possibilities
to help you. Everyone is different and has had different life
experiences. You will only know how an essential oil can benefit
you by using it. You can do research online by looking up an
essential oil and finding out it's main components and then
seeing what those components are known for. There has been
lots of research done as of late in regards to essential oils.

There are three main ways to use essential oils. You can diffuse
them into the air. Young Living has some great diffusers that
you can purchase. Diffusing essential oils is one of the very
best ways to help support a good mood as well as to have the
very best air quality in your environment. You can take some
essential oils internally either in a capsule, putting a drop under
your tongue, or putting a drop in a glass of water or juice. The
last way is to apply a drop or two to the skin. You never want
to put essential oils in your eyes or ears. Rubbing an oil on
the skin, the oil is absorbed into the skin and within 20 minutes
that oil will be in contact with every cell in your body. Pretty amazing!

When it comes to essential oils quality is extremely important and
that is why you want to be using Young Living essential oils.
They are the only ones that I trust with my health and my life and
they are the world leader for many reasons. You will see many
claims when it comes to essential oils. Unfortunately there are so
many that think it's OK to lie. What would be best for all the
others is to simply join us. By offering inferior quality it does no
good for them or their customers. Inferior quality oils can cause
serious problems.

When it comes to wellness there are only a few things that can
cause you problems.
* Lack of proper nutrition - Essential oils are the very best way for
nutrition and oxygen to get delivered to every cell in our body.
That is why essential oils are in all of our products.
* Toxins - Toxins can get stored in our body and can cause
problems if not eliminated quickly. Essential oils are the very
best way to help toxins to be removed from cells and then to
help them to be eliminated.
* Stored negative emotions - Many in the health field feel that
most physical problems actually start with negative emotions
being stored in the body. Oftentimes this happens because at
the time a negative event occurs we are not able to properly
handle it. The body stores the negative emotions to try to help
us out. Over time these negative emotions can build up and
cause problems. The inhalation of essential oils is one of the
very best ways to help our body to easily release negative

So you can see that you will want to get started with our
essential oils as soon as possible for all the good that they
can do for you and your family. Every home should have
our Everyday Oils Kit. You can find out more

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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