Internal cleansing for wellness.


People know that they need to cleanse the outside of their body.
It is just as important to do internal cleansing. If you could see
Inside yourself you would quickly agree. We have a wonderful
product that can assist you with internal cleansing.

ICP is a product that supports proper digestion and colon health.
The following are some of the ingredients and some of their
benefits. Iron supports muscle function, supports brain function,
and supports energy. Psyllium supports digestion, proper
elimination, proper blood sugar levels, proper cholesterol levels,
and weight loss. Oat bran supports digestion, supports proper
blood sugar levels, and can help with weight loss. Flax seed is
rich in fiber, supports proper cholesterol levels, supports proper
blood sugar levels, and can help with weight loss. Fennel seed
supports digestion, supports proper blood sugar levels, and can
aid with weight loss. Rice bran is helpful with weight loss, supports
proper blood pressure, and supports proper cholesterol levels.
Mojave yucca root helps the body when dealing with discomfort,
and supports the immune system. Cellulose is an important
source of fiber. Anise seed oil supports digestion, and supports
proper blood sugar levels. Tarragon leaf oil supports proper
digestion and supports the immune system. Aloe vera leaf extract
has antioxidant and antimicrobial properties, and supports proper
digestion. Ginger root oil supports digestion, helps the body in
handling inflammation, and supports liver function. Lemongrass
leaf oil supports the immune system, proper digestion, and proper
cholesterol levels. Rosemary leaf oil supports digestion and
supports liver health. Enzymes include lipase, protease 4.5, 3.0, 6.0,
phytase, and peptidase which help to break down food for absorption.

I love the results that I get from ICP. If you want wellness you will
want to commit to internal cleansing on a regular basis. If you want
to step it up we have the Cleansing Trio which has three products
including ICP that can greatly assist in helping you to cleanse
internally. As you clean out more and more of what has accumulated,
for some over decades, you will see improvements. Get started on
a better path at:

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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