Interested in more success and happiness?


How would you like more success and happiness? Most people
when faced with a negative person and the negative emotions
that they dump on them allow those negatives to affect them,
sometimes even going down to rage. Start looking at the
negatives differently. Let them pass you by. This can take time
and work, however, it is greatly worth it. Don't take personally
what you cannot control. Focus on the good and let the
negative just pass you by. You deserve better. Let the negatives
roll off of you like water rolls off a ducks back.

Don't let others dump on you and don't dump on yourself.
Quit treating your body, your temple, like a garbage can.
Value yourself enough to only use beneficial products on
you and focus on putting the beneficial in you when it
comes to what you eat and drink. Every day you have a
choice. When you make better choices you will reap
great rewards. You are not a garbage can, you deserve

When it comes to health most think that the mainstream
medical system has the answers. Most of the medical
system is not about health. In the Bible the deceiver was
the snake which was the devil in disguise. He was able
to tempt Eve to eat an apple from the tree that God
told her and Adam to avoid for their own good. Well
Eve gave in and was able to talk Adam into eating the
apple and their lives changed for the worse in so many
ways. I have thought it interesting that the symbol for
the medical system has two snakes winding up a pole.
Are they trying to tell us something with this symbol?
Something like, the system is promoted as health but
in reality this is a big deception that leads people
down the wrong path to lots of negative consequences?

You deserve better. You are uniquely awesome. Get
started on a better path. Value yourself and your
health by using better products that can give you
better results and feel the difference in every area
of your life. Get the garbage out of your life for
more success and happiness. You deserve it.

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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