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Why choose Young Living?

One of the most well known and successful people in network marketing has
chosen Young Living. He has been in network marketing for 43 years as a
distributor and owner of his own network marketing company. He is on the
ethics committee of the Direct Selling Association. In 2017 he decided to sell
his network marketing company and become a distributor again. He could
have chosen any company to join. Which one did he join? Young Living! So
why did he choose Young Living? The network marketing company he owned
was doing fine and growing. He was even about to buy another company but
decided "no" to that and instead became a distributor with Young Living. So
here are the reasons why out of all the network marketing companies he
chose Young Living.

The first reason has to do with the number one. Young Living has one owner,
one family who owns it, which is very important to the long term viability of
a company. Gary and Mary Young started Young Living. Gary passed away in
2018 and Mary Young is the owner. One of the exciting things about network
marketing is building it once and getting paid over and over again on that one
time effort, month after month, year after year, forever. Asset income that you
can pass on for generations to come. That won't happen if the company goes
out of business. The more owners a company has the more problems, the
more arguments, the more challenges with making decisions, the more egos
involved, and owners can end up suing each other which can involve a lengthy
legal battle. Things may not get done because people don't agree. The more
owners the more complicated the agenda and vision for the company. The
agenda of Young Living is the same today as it was when the company was
started in 1994, getting the very best products into every home in the world
thus making the world a better place. The heart of Gary and Mary Young has
always been doing what is the best for the members. Through the ups they
could have sold the company and had a very comfortable life but they didn't.
Through the hard times they could have given up but they didn't. Over and
over their commitment has been proven. Mary Young is committed to the
members and for each person who chooses to build a business for them to
get paid forever!

The second reason has to do with the number 25. Young Living has 25 years
of experience and growth. They have a 25 year track record. Most companies
make lots of promises, however, you can't bank on promises. What means
something is proof. Young Living has 25 years of proof, 25 years of "no matter
what" Young Living will do what it takes and will never compromise when it
comes to doing the best for people and the planet. Everyone gets to build a
team and in turn a business from the moment they get started. Everyone!
What a blessing, what a gift.

The third reason has to do with the number 30. Young Living has had
amazing growth. The last couple of years Young Living has had about a 30%
annual growth rate. No other company in network marketing has ever had
this kind of growth rate at this stage of maturity. Companies that have
been around as long as Young Living have either plateaued or had small
growth but not the 30% that Young Living has. Revenue has grown over
800% over the past five years.

The fourth reason has to do with the number 90. 90% of the sales of
Young Living are still in North America. If you look at any other network
marketing company that has been around for awhile 50%-90% of their
sales are outside of North America. Can you see the huge potential
worldwide for Young Living and for you!? This very successful network
marketer sold his company because he saw Young Living as the future,
as what will be the number one network marketing company in the world.

The fifth reason has to do with the number 40. This very successful
network marketer saw something that he had never seen before. He had
not even seen it in his own company. The reorder rate month after
month of products with Young Living's members averages around 40%.
Meaning 40% of the members order month after month. That is how you
get forever money. People love the products, they love the results, and
order month after month, year after year. You can have lots of people
join your team but if they don't reorder again you are simply spinning
your wheels and you will never have forever money. The company he
owned and ended up selling had an 8% reorder rate. The other billion
dollar companies in network marketing have maybe a reorder rate of
1%-5% while Young Living is at around 40%! They all should be as smart
as this successful network marketer and close their doors and join
Young Living!

The sixth reason has to do with family. Young Living has a totally different
culture than any other network marketing company. Young Living is not
your typical network marketing company. Young Living has a culture of
family. It feels like you are part of a large worldwide family. People who
have been involved with other companies see and feel the difference.
It's like a breath of fresh air and how network marketing is meant to be

Anyone can build a business with Young Living. It doesn't mean you will,
it means you can. Anyone can learn the simple steps for success. Anyone
can believe they can succeed. You get to choose what you want to believe.
Amazing abundance is available to you in all areas with Young Living. I
hope you choose it because you deserve it.

In 1990 the very successful network marketer met with Gary Young. This
person had been successful in network marketing for a number of years
as a distributor and now had his own network marketing company. Gary
was asking for his advice as Gary wanted to start his own network marketing
company. The successful network marketer could see that Gary was starting
from nothing and did not have all the trappings of wealth that are used to
impress others to get them to join a venture. That successful network
marketer told Gary that he didn't think that Gary could make it and advised
against him starting a network marketing company. Gary Young did it
anyway and 27 years after starting Young Living that very successful
network marketer joined Young Living! Don't let it take you 27 years. Join
us today!

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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