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Most health problems can be prevented. If you want good health
then it is mainly based on the choices you make very day.

We are electrical beings, energy, frequency. Your brain waves
and heart function are measured electrically in a hospital. Proper
and natural frequency is critical for well being. Many of the problems
that people face have to do with the man made frequencies.

You may have heard of EMFs and their dangers. You are most likely
familiar with microwaves when you put food in an oven and zap it.
However, most are not aware of the health risks of these frequencies.
Those that cause you harm and profit by doing so don't want you to
know the truth. They know the damage that what they produce does
but of course they won't tell you because then they lose out on all the
money that they will make. Whether its cigarettes, alcohol, drugs,
vaccines, GMOs, cell phones, etc. they all know and they simply don't

Our cells are extremely sensitive. They love balance and work hard
every second of the day to maintain this balance and proper functioning.
There are numerous things that go on every second so that a cell can
function properly. No person understands all that goes on in even a single
cell. Wireless frequencies negatively impact the proper functioning of cells
and can damage DNA. DNA is who we are.

You can't look to government to protect you because oftentimes in certain
segments of government these people come from the industries that they
are now supposed to protect people from wrong doing done by them.
These same people will most likely go back to these industries after they
leave their government office. This is especially true when is comes to the
drug, food, and telecommunications industries.

There have been studies done for decades showing the problems caused
by EMFs. You can do some research and find them yourself. Studies done
in the 1950s and 1960s show that the nervous system, which includes the
brain, seems to be especially suseptible to damage. Studies show that
things like anxiety, depression, Autism, and Alzheimer’s have a link to
damage done by EMFs.

Data shows that people who live near cellphone towers and are exposed to
Wi-Fi, who use cellphones, tablets, etc. show an increase in the before
mentioned problems. It can also affect an unborn child when a pregnant
woman is affected by EMFs just like damage from cigarettes, drugs, and
alcohol do when a woman is pregnant.

An experiment was done with pairs of mice with a higher level of exposure to
EMFs and found that each pair produced one litter that was approximately
normal sized, then a second litter that was clearly down in numbers and then
complete infertility — not a single mouse born. Don't we have an infertility
problem in the US? Part of the problem could be due to EMFs. EMFs can
cause a decrease in male sperm count and this has been shown to be a
current problem. It has been shown that lower sperm counts develop when a
man carries his cellphone in his front pocket or he uses his laptop with the
Wi-Fi on sitting on his lap.

Due to mitochondrial damage you can have cancer, especially brain cancer,
that exposure to EMFs can be caused by. Many know the dangers from
radiation caused by X-rays. Due to many studies it has been shown that
there is no safe level of radiation. However, most have not been made aware
that exposure to cellphones can be just as damaging. A study was done by
a professor Adlkofer in which the effects of ionizing radiation equivalent to
1,600 chest X-rays were compared to 24 hours on a cellphone. The results
showed that both produced about the same amount of DNA breaks.

If you care about your health you will want to greatly reduce your exposure to
EMFs. Something else that many around the world are doing is to start using
products that have the very best health supporting frequencies known, pure
essential oils. I encourage you to make the change to a healthier lifestyle by
making the switch to our products. You and your family can feel better and
prevent so many problems by this simple act. We offer better options. You
can find out more at:

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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