His story might help you.


Every person has their own reason why they have chosen to pursue
a better path to wellness. Jim's story might help you.

Back in 1990-91 I was in Russia and Ukraine. It was in Ukraine that I
first learned about essential oils. In my travels I noticed no
drugstores as we see so much of in the U.S. What I saw instead were
small bottles of essential oils of various kinds sitting on shelves in
the homes I stayed at. I was told the bottles contain essential oils
and are used for healing. I immersed myself into learning more
about essential oils as well as more about the Bible and the
messages included that involve health and healing. Essential oils
are mentioned many times in the Bible. Many are spiritually
ignorant of God's love for us, and the provision He placed in the
plant kingdom for our well being, health, and longevity...Essential
Oils! Once I realized the importance of essential oils, I began
searching for a reliable source to obtain them. Then a friend
introduced me to Young Living. I joined Young Living. Over the
past many years I have enjoyed a full time income with
Young Living. I recommend Young Living Essential Oils because
I have personally seen how they save lives. I can't imagine my
life without them ever again. Essential oils are called essential
for good reason because they are essential to our well-being
and longevity. 

Most all of our products include our premium essential oils.
This includes our supplements which is just one reason why
they will work better for you. One must have supplement is
Alkalime. Proper pH levels in the body are critical to good
health. Disease loves acid so a contributing factor to many
physical issues is an acidic environment in the body. There
is a saying, "Alkalize or die." Alkalime is a great product that
promotes a proper acid level in the body as well as proper
levels of lactic acid after working out. It comes in convenient
pouches. Just open one up, pour into water, and stir. It has
a great lemon taste and much better for you than that other
product that starts with Alka. Reduce excess acid and see
how many other issues are resolved.

Give our products a try and I think that you too will join
the millions around the world who love them. Get
started on a better path today! http://www.thisworks.biz

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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