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Most people know that sugar isn't something that is good for
them or their health. However, you can still get sweetness from
beneficial sources. You can still indulge your sweet tooth
without your health having to suffer. Here are a few good choices.

One you may not be familiar with is FOS. This is a supernutrient
that can have a positive impact on the good bacteria in your
intestines and also help with mineral absorption. FOS has minimal
impact on blood sugar. FOS can help reduce harmful bacteria
in your intestines and even has a positive impact on liver

FOS is a naturally sweet indigestible fiber. FOS has been shown
to have a positive impact on cholesterol levels as well as blood

Stevia is an intensely sweet herb and has been used for centuries
in South America. Stevia is fifteen times sweeter than sugar so
you need much less of stevia to get the same sweetness as you
would from sugar. 

There has been much research done with stevia which has shown
that it helps to balance blood sugar levels, supports the health of
the pancreas, and helps to protect the liver. Stevia also seems to
be a powerful antioxidant to help protect your cells from free
radical damage.

The last natural sweetener is Yacon. Yacon is a plant that looks
like a yam or sweet potato but it has a black skin. Yacon is
indigenous to Ecuador and Peru. 

Yacon contains FOS. Yacon has recently been transplanted to
New Zealand and is being studied by the universities. Yacon is
a sweetener which has no impact on blood sugar levels so that
it is safe for diabetics. Yacon shows no negative effects on the

Yacon has also been shown to be beneficial to the good bacteria
in the intestines and helping the body to absorb minerals. Yacon
grows in the Andes Mountains and has very deep roots. Yacon
has been shown to be high in minerals, amino acids, and vitamin

Many sweeteners on the market are man-made and have been
shown to negatively impact health. FOS, stevia, and yacon are
great natural alternatives to stay healthy while at the same
time allowing you to keep the sweetness in your life.

The very best product line in wellness includes these three
natural sweeteners in our products. I highly encourage you to
give them a try to support your overall wellness. You can
find out more at:

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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