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It says in the Bible that people without a vision will perish.
It is so important to see where you want to go. Without
that guiding light how are you going to know the steps
you need to take to get you there and how are you
going to know when you arrive?

The name of the blends of oils that Young Living has
tell you a lot about how they can help you. That is
the case with the blend of oils called Envision.

I love how this oil smells. Here are the oils that are in
this wonderful blend.

Envision is a blend of sage, spruce, rose, orange,
and lavender. Envision can help to open up the brain
to more creative thinking and help you to daydream.
You have to be able to see what you want if you are
going to do what is necessary to achieve it.
Oftentimes when we are mired in negative emotions
it is almost impossible to see a clear way to achieving
what we want in life. Also negative emotions will hold
you back and more likely cause you to believe that it
is just not possible for you to make your dreams a

Sage and spruce oils help to open up the energy of
the heart. When your heart is closed as well as your
brain it is very difficult to have vision for the future.
You want to have the brain and the heart connected
so that you can have vision for the future. These
two oils are also really good in supporting the good
health of the respiratory system and exchange of
oxygen. One thing that is really good to do with any
of the oils is to take a really deep breath and to
breathe using your diaphragm. You want to breathe
into the gut and breathe into the brain. You want
to get the oxygen past the logical part of the brain
so that you can help to make your vision happen.

Rose oil has one of the very highest frequencies.
If you want to feel better then inhaling rose oil
can definitely help. Rose helps to bring about a
state of joy. It is really difficult to see a positive
future if you are feeling down or angry. A sense
of peace and balance helps to promote positive
visions. Rose oil is also really helpful in assisting
the body to do its job in the regeneration of new
tissue. It takes about 5000 pounds of rose petals
to make 1 pound of rose oil. This is why rose oil
is one of the most expensive essential oils.

Orange oil helps to uplift the mood and increase
the feeling of happiness. One simple way to feel
better is to inhale any of the citrus oils. I love the
smell of orange oil. It can definitely help to put a
smile on your face.

Lavender oil helps to create a feeling of balance.
Lavender is known as the Swiss army knife of oils
and it is wonderful in assisting the body and mind
to go back to balance. When we are out of balance
is when challenges occur.

This wonderful combination of oils creates our
wonderful blend called Envision. I encourage you
to give it a try and see what positive things you
experience and how this oil can help you to
envision a more positive and exciting future. You
can find out more at: http://www.thisworks.biz

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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