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Releasing negative emotions is so important to having good
health on all levels. You have the keys to release yourself
with pure essential oils. When you inhale the fragrance it
goes right to the area of the brain that is in charge of storing
and releasing negative emotions. If you have lived for very
long you have negative emotions that need to be released.

One issue that many have a big challenge with is forgiveness.
Forgiving others and forgiving themselves. When you are
able to change your perspective and focus on forgiving, you
will be amazed at the changes you will experience for the

To help you with forgiveness we have a wonderful blend
of oils called Forgiveness. This is a must have oil for
every home. The oils in this wonderful blend are rose,
frankincense, sandalwood, lavender, melissa, and

This blend is high in sesquiterpenes which help to stimulate
the brain. Helping the body to release the things that have
happened that we have chosen to hold on to creates lots
of stress. This ongoing stress is at the heart of so many of
the physical challenges that we go through. In fact what has
been found for so many is that once they are able to
release the negative emotions they have found that many of
their physical challenges have also been released. So

Stored negative emotions are one of the most difficult areas
to deal with because they are not something that you see.
We are creatures of habit and we like to hold on to stuff.
We like to use it to beat ourselves up, to be martyrs. We
feel like there is something valiant about carrying all of
that garbage around. We rehearse it again and again in
our minds. It gives us attention and recognition from
others as we constantly rehearse our story to others. We
like others to feel sorry for us. However, the negative
emotions keep us in limitation. They keep us from
expanding and from reaching forward so that we can
become more and do greater things. The childlike
forgiveness to letting things go is critical for us to grow.

Some other good oils to add to Forgiveness are:
Rose and Geranium - They work together to bring you to
a higher frequency of happiness. There is no point in
forgiveness if forgiveness doesn't bring happiness with it.

Palmarosa, ylang ylang, and bergamot - They work on the
heart so that it can relax and let go of the negative.

Roman chamomile and jasmine - They work well on helping
the liver to release the negative. Oftentimes the stored
emotion of anger is stored in the liver.

Good areas to apply Forgiveness to include the belly button,
the liver, and the heart. Order Forgiveness and start to use
it and see the positive things that happen for you. The
possibilities are endless. You can find out more at:

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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