Go Seed to Seal.


One thing that makes us stand out and unique in the world is our
Seed To Seal guarantee. Why is that so important? Because if any
step along the way to producing a product is not done to the
highest levels of quality the product can be ruined no matter what
the price is that you are paying.

Young Living does things that no other company in the world
does. We are the world leader in essential oils and no matter
what promises another company makes, you will get better
results using our essential oils and oil infused products. Our
products can help to improve every single area of your life.

Three main components of Seed to Seal are:
* Sourcing - If you ask most any other company out there who
sells essential oils, they have no idea where their oils come
from because they buy them from brokers. Most companies
are simply looking for the lowest price. Young Living has its
own farms and our high standards also encompass all of our
partner farms throughout the world. Young Living has the
highest commitment to quality and to doing what is best for
people and the planet.

* Science - Unfortunately today much of what is done in the
field of research does not reflect truth. Anyone can be bought
and that includes people in the field of science. Young Living
is all about truth and integrity. The product quality starts in
the fields and it is then proven in our labs by more than 50
highly trained scientists. Young Living never compromises.
Everything is tested with up to 20 tests done three times at
three separate times. You won't find higher quality products
that will work better for you than ours. Our products are also
sent out to independent labs for verification.

* Standards - Young Living has the highest level of standards
in every area. At every step things are done in partnership
with what is best for the planet. If you care about the planet
you will want to be supporting and using the products that
Young Living produces, products far better than organic. When
it comes to products Young Living's focus is what is best
for people putting people first rather than profit. However,
when you do what is best for people the money follows.

You can't make a better decision than to start using our
fantastic products that can give you great results in every
area of your life. Using our products can save you a lot of
time, money, and frustration. Simply by sharing with others
to let them know that there are better options to solve
their problems you can develop a growing and unlimited
income from home. No better time to get started than
today don't you think? http://www.thisworks.biz

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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