Getting the protein you need.


Pure Protein Complete has five different proteins that your body
processes at different rates to help you to feel full longer. It is a
great source of protein that you mix in liquid. We have two flavors -
vanilla and chocolate. Now you can get the protein you need in a
delicious drink.

Some of the ingredients and some of their benefits follow.
Vitamin B1 supports the health of the nervous system. Vitamin B2
supports overall growth and proper energy levels. Vitamin B3
supports proper cholesterol levels, joint health, and brain function.
Vitamin B6 supports the health of the nerves, red blood cells, and
skin. Vitamin B12 supports the body in making red blood cells.
Vitamin B7 supports a healthy metabolism and assists the body
in making enzymes. Zinc supports the body in handling
inflammation, supports the health of the blood, and the health
of the heart. r-BGH-free whey protein concentrate supports
muscle growth. Pea protein isolate is an easily digested protein.
Goat whey protein concentrate supports the health of the
digestive and immune systems. Egg albumin is an excellent
source of protein. Organic hemp seed protein is a plant-based
complete protein. Ancient peat and apple extract supports
ATP production for energy. Alpha and Beta amylase break
down starch. Protease digests proteins and helps to convert
food to energy. Lipase breaks down fats and supports liver
health. Cellulase breaks down fibers, fruit, and vegetables.
Lactase breaks down dairy. Bromelain breaks down amino
acids and supports proper handling of inflammation. L-leucine,
L-isoleucine, and L-valine support the health of the brain and
liver and help the body to handle fatigue during exercise.
L-methionine supports the health of blood vessels and the
immune system. L-lysine helps the body handle stress, helps
the body convert fatty acids into energy, and helps the body
to absorb calcium. L-glutamine supports immune cell activity
in the gut and supports the body in handling inflammation.
Sodium chloride supports fluid balance and electrolytes.
Orange rind oil supports the health of the immune system
and proper blood flow.

Pure Protein Complete is a great addition to make for your 
journey to wellness. I love it and I think you will too!

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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